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Dem turnout is a ton better than Republican turnout.

Of course Dem turnout is lower, but that's better. This is a primary. Sheesh. How obvious can it be that the low turnout means that a lot of Dems are pretty much fine with either Clinton or Sanders. A high turnout on the Republican side doesn't mean Republicans are energized at all. It means they are at war with each other.

Cessation of hositilities in Syria, Moderates up in Iran

I don't remember a lot of days like this under Republican George W. Bush.

Rubio and Cruz now adamantly opposed to Republicanism

Rubio scorns Trump for inherited wealth, but his benefactors, the Kochs, inherited much more from their daddy. Cruz scorns Trump for alleged mob ties, but Cruz's benefactor, casino operator Sheldon Adelson, is probably made.

Trump didn't know who nimrod David Duke was, and Rubio and Cruz are all over Trump for not doing the politically correct thing right away and disavowing Duke. Hell, who knows who David Duke is anymore? His KKK has about 4,000 hidden morons on its roster.

Yeah, Trump is a con artist, but Rubio and Cruz are just sneaky, mean little rats.

All Republicans need to be voted out of every office in every election.

Rubio and for-profit colleges (and for-profit prisons)

Guy is a complete jerk.

What would Trump do if Putin sent 150,000 troops into Syria?

Bonus question. What do you wish he would do?

I won't ask this about Cruz. It's a work night and we all need our sleep.

Republicans are losing corporations.

Corporations are falling all over themselves to go green. And they are essentially all cheering same-sex marriage, diversity and inclusion, and equal opportunity for the sexes. Time to wake up and call a cab, Republicans. Corporations aren't into you any more.

Republicans won't let the people have jobs.

Republicans are negligent. They are keeping the American people camped out downhill of an avalanche. Republicans keep us dependent on jobs that are going away. Fossil fuel extraction and distribution? In the not-so-distant future those jobs are all toast. Everyone knows it. Internal combustion engine? Toast. For-profit prisons? Toast. Repetitive, automation-friendly manufacturing jobs? Toast.

The "populist" side of Republicanism has no clue what to do except freeze, don't rock the boat, and don't let anyone else into the boat. If it leaks, drill holes in the hull to let the water out.

The corporatist side of Republicanism is all about job export. It's only fair that job creators be allowed to export the jobs they create freely with no concern for America. If they leave you, it's your fault. So the Republicans will tell you. The trend is not the friend of the American worker held in paralysis by Republican policies, and the job creators aren't friends either. Republicanism is poison when it comes to economics.

Isn't there work to do? Is there some reason we need to ignore all of the work that needs doing? We can't rebuild our infrastructure? We can't convert the whole country to sustainable energy? Electric vehicles, efficient heating and cooling, solar and wind? We can't clean up, beautify, and redesign our living spaces? We can't educate (intellectually, artistically, and physically) our population? Why? Because Republicans say so?

Sustainable processes require effort. Effort is jobs. Therefore, sustainable processes create jobs.

Republicans are, frankly, frozen at the steering wheel. They have lost their nerve. Like the rest of us, they have caught a glimpse of the challenges of living in modern times. Unlike the rest of us, they have decided to turn away and let life beat on their backs. In no way should their attitude be allowed to win.

One way it could play out.

Obama nominates someone both qualified and capable of being, effectively, elected to the Supreme Court in the presidential election.

Republicans are forced to block that person, at least initially, because they said they would (and also their base would give themselves CTE slamming into their rubber walls otherwise).

Clinton or Sanders demand that the Republican candidate say who he would nominate.

Republican candidate either A) chooses a nominee who won't elicit howls of anger from the Republican base, B) chooses a nominee who is "electable" and roughly mainstream, or C) refuses to name a nominee.

Republicans lose the Presidency, Senate, and SCOTUS.

Warren for SCOTUS

Obama should nominate Warren. The Republicans are either going to fold or, effectively, turn the election into a Supreme Court election. Whoever we put up needs to be "electable."

McConnell blew it for Republicans again.

The guy is an idiot, always saying what he is thinking. You don't just say the sitting president doesn't have the right to nominate Supreme Court Justices and has to wait for his successor. That blows the whole caper. Now every time a Republican says Obama's candidate doesn't have enough experience or needs more vetting, everyone will know it is really about doing what McConnell said. Trying to run out the clock is hard when you have already admitted what you are really doing is violating the Constitution.

McConnell has done this before. He's a loose cannon on the Republican deck. When Obama was elected, McConnell said that the number one job of Republicans was to make sure Obama was a one-term president. We were in the middle of an economic crisis, and that's what McConnell thought the Republicans' number one job was. That remark has been hugely costly to Republicans and has colored everything they have done since.

Then McConnell said that the Benghazi hearings were all about undermining Hillary Clinton. Wait, no, that was McCarthy. Same type of guy.
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