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What is a Republican candidate not committing to the Party's nominee saying?

It seems like they are saying that Republicans don't have a right to be for a candidate other than them and still be considered "supportable" Republicans. Vote for me, I support you. Vote for him, I'm against you.

The protesters are taking down Trump

Unfortunately, the protesters have succeeded in generalizing the election early. The drubbing they are giving him now should have happened in the general election. By siding with the protesters, the other Republican candidates can now suppress Trump just enough to take the nomination away from him in Cleveland. That means Hillary won't have the pleasure of treating Trump to a view of the ceiling in the debates.

Republicans will still lose, even with Paul Ryan as their candidate. Trump's Republican Archie Bunkers will still vote for Ryan, but Hispanics won't come back to a party where Trump sympathizers represent 30-40% of the membership.

The Republican Drug War causes cop hate and hateful cops.

I'll point this out again.

If all Republicans (or a huge number of them anyway) were voted out of every office in every election for a while, there would be no Drug War. The Drug War is poisoning civilization, so tossing Republicans could not be more worthwhile.

The Drug War creates too many cops in general and too many bad cops in particular. Without the huge demand from the Drug War, police ranks would be drastically lower, and communities could be more selective about who wears the badges.

The Drug War forces police to the front lines where they encounter violence and harm civilians, much like soldiers in an invasion. There is really very little difference between the Drug War and a simple invasion of the United States by the United States.

And, of course, the Drug War cripples its victims' economic lives and creates enemies. It has to go.

Cruz supporters and protesters would have been violent too.

The Trump protesters are just going where the cameras are. Cruz is ratings repellent, and it isn't just his looks. He portrays a lying snake so convincingly he has a lot of snakes and snake handlers in the Republican Party excited. But those folks–and Rubio's and Kasich's–all hate the same people who protest Trump. Who's kidding who?

This stuff is all just helping Trump get the nomination. He probably postponed the Chicago rally with that in mind. The other three Republican clowns all took the side of the protesters. That'll teach Trump.

Trump's just exposing the Republican hooch addiction that already existed.

The Republican coalition has been an unstable contraption for a long time now. It's just another case of "whom the gods would destroy."

Republicans really started hitting the hooch under Nixon, and it has been downhill for them ever since. Reagan was their party animal period. Bush Senior was when they tried to settle down. But they still hit the bottle every night.

The Republican George W. Bush period left the Republicans lying in the gutter in a pool of their own sick, but still they couldn't admit they have a problem. They simply denied they had hit rock bottom. They tried to lie their way out of it with Romney and Ryan. Their 2012 autopsy doesn't even mention the hooch.

And here we are. All of the Republican candidates are still working their hands when they talk. The right hand points and emphasizes a tissue of lies; the left hand swirls a bottle of rotgut in front of a bunch of red-eyed addicts. Trump's just happens to have a higher proof number.

Why are you independent?

Did the Trump voters watch Romney and Ryan lie in 2012?

There is a problem with the Republican Party essentially officially approving of outright lying by Romney and Ryan in 2012. When you've seen someone lie with a perfectly straight face for you, you can't trust them when they are talking to you. The same sweet, earnest face that Romney, Rubio, Bush, and Cruz use to lie about Democrats (and now about each other) is the same face they use to look their voters in the eye and make promises. It has to be disconcerting.

Republicans are discovering the big downfall of lying. Liars can't be trusted, so they can't bond with one another. The should-be Democrats (but for their silly Archie Bunker bigotry, golden west utopianism, and gun fondling) aren't going to stick with the big polluters and economy riggers once the trust is gone. And they see the lying now. They cheered it once, and now they are starting to wonder if they've been played for jerks.

They have of course.

Republicans just need a couple more bites of dumb and mean.

They're wafer thin.

The natural meanness of the Republican Party

Does anyone think all of this nasty, lie-infested, spiteful behavior from the Republican candidates is out of character for them? It's not.

If Republicans are looking for a really great person to represent their views, then that's the core of their problem. No one can really be great who represents their views. The small, stupid, deceitful men we now see on that Republican debate stage (and one ego-maniac, Kasich) aren't a big character mystery. Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, gravitas genius Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, ...., these people are just nasty, incompetent liars. They represent Republicanism to a tee.

All Republicans need to be voted out of every office in every election.

Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich would do anything to stop Trump.

They fear that their party and their very country are at stake. But the most certain thing any of them could do to stop Trump is drop out of the race. That they won't do. In deciding to sacrifice their party and country to their own personal ambition, these men have shown their true colors.
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