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Hillary's by far the country's best hope for the future.

Do I wish she weren't the controversial, driven wife of a former president who stupidly (and asshole-ishly) riled the yahoos by getting BJs in the White House? Of course.

Hillary "dodged snipers" and was bitchy about people who bake cookies. She mislabeled the vast right wing idiot lemming movement a conspiracy when it was really just a cesspool of mental and emotional weakness. She voted for the Iraq War on the principle that the president had to be assumed not to be a complete shithead when it was pretty clear to most average-to-above IQs that he was. She has flaws.

But welcome to Earth, folks. The only thing that matters is governing philosophy and a certain level of political genius in a leader at this point, and Hillary is easily the best bet. People will matter under a Hillary Clinton administration, and, unlike Sanders, Hillary's engine is connected by a transmission to the wheels.

I was completely against a Hillary candidacy not so long ago. I didn't see a First Lady becoming President as anything but kind of pathetic. But the fact is that life doesn't offer us immaculate options. This stuff is all messy and no route to the Presidency is clean. You need to pick the good option out of a set of imperfect options. We are damned lucky to have someone like Hillary on top for the Dems. Look at the Republicans. It's a kind of gut-wrenchingly poignant Archie Bunker meets Death of a Salesman meets Elmer Gantry meets Roger Rabbit.

Of course Trump backed out.

If Trump had debated Sanders, it would have played right into Hillary's hands. Trump could not win. If he wipes the floor with Sanders and makes him look like a hapless nebbish (as Trump did with essentially all of the Republican primary candidates), then Trump loses. If Trump loses to Sanders, Trump, well, loses.

What is the winning proposition from Trump's perspective? There isn't one. It's all downside.

Trump got the most he can get out of it by offering to debate Sanders and then backing out. The objective of that is to weaken Hillary and strengthen Sanders (a far weaker Democratic candidate and someone Trump could actually beat).

Is the Zika virus another liberal hoax?

Are liberals spreading fear about the Zika virus to turn women away from Republicans in an election year?

Republicans were getting closer and closer to their goal of forcing women to carry all pregnancies to term. They've been attacking and defunding Planned Parenthood. They've been drowning clinics in red tape state laws. Republicans have been whittling away the right to choose abortion, and it was working great.

Then all of a sudden up pops this Zika virus. That's very convenient timing. Right in an election year, a virus pops up that makes abortion bans look bad. It makes it look like Republicans want to force a Zika-infected pregnant woman to carry the pregnancy to term.

Why aren't Repubicans smelling a whiff of politics in all this like they did with global warming? I don't know, Republicans. You're slipping. Where aren't the 1% of scientists saying Zika is a hoax? Why aren't Republican politicians forcefully arguing that the jury is still out on Zika?

Trump's unearned wealth is his Achilles heel.

It's going to be funny watching Hillary point out that the great deal maker made less with his inherited money than an index fund would have. Trump's worst moments in the debates were when his Republican opponents (rarely) pointed out he was a business "not much" who got his money from Daddy. You could see Trump sweat when that topic came up. He knows the truth.

In the Republican Party, Spaulding Smails was given an easy ride. Republicans couldn't really attack Trump's Achilles heel, his unworthiness to call himself a capitalist, because that's the Achilles heel of their entire party. They are the party of business people of the non-self-made type, the party of the people who "didn't build that." Daddy gave it to them.

Hillary's going to have a lot of fun with Trump.
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