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Republican Iraq War causes another global recession?

Let's hope things don't go too far south with the economy tomorrow. I actually don't give a damn whether Britain is in the EU or not. I just don't like stampedes. Osama Bin Laden is smiling in Davy Jones' Locker. He got very lucky knocking down those buildings, but he was far luckier that Republican George W. Bush was in office. If Republicans had not had the White House, the shock wave from 9/11 would have stopped propagating with Afghanistan.

The Brits are just feeling the shock wave that continues to propagate from the Iraq War. That wave propagates through a medium of ignorance, tribalism, and emotion that is, unfortunately, a fact of human nature. The thing is, the Brits took Britain out of Europe, but there is no taking Europe out of Britain. The change is purely symbolic in the not so long run.

We're on Earth. Telecommunications and the mass distribution of humanity (not to mention weaponry) mean that the nation states are dead and can never be returned to. Just as you "can't go home again," you can't go back to old Britain. It's gone. You can't go back to the old United States either. We need to make ourselves at home on modern Earth, not try to go back to a home that can't ever be reached.

Imo, the self-destructive wave from 9/11 is just going to keep propagating until all "Republicans" are thrown out of every office in every election. That is, we are going to have to stop responding reflexively and stupidly to challenges. The majority of people who know to chill out and be concerned directly with people's well being need to take responsibility and run things. The children are going to have to be kept out of the driver's seat by the adults and democracy. And there is no guarantee even that will work.

Conscience clause.

I'm speechless.

What are Republicans going to say if an anti-Muslim rampage happens?

I remember how red-faced and spittle-spewing a lot of Republicans became after Waco. And, sure enough, there was a nutcase out there (Timothy McVeigh) who answered the call. Republicans got really quiet in the days and weeks that followed the Oklahoma City bombing.

Now the Republicans are inciting anti-Muslim rage by refusing to differentiate between the vast majority of peaceful (indeed, helpful) Muslims and a few nutballs. That's ridiculously stupid and extremely poor character. When will Republicans learn? What's it going to take?

Until Republicans can get a grip on reality they need to be voted out of every office in every election.

Ease up on Trump, Folks

He's not the nominee yet, fellow Dems. If he keeps getting all of these protests and corporate defections, the GOP and its owners will find a way to pay him off to bow out or something.

Leave him alone until his name is on the ballots and as much of the GOP membership as possible has boarded the SS Trump.

Which is easier, banning Islam or assault weapons?

I'm not talking about a Bill of Rights duel. I'm asking pragmatically.

Assault weapons have manufacturing that can be halted. You can't plant a seed and get an AR-15 the way you can an opium poppy. So it's not equivalent to drug prohibition.

Assault weapons are physical and have to be transported and possessed. The vast majority of AR-15 owners are just harmless fantasists who obey laws. AR-15s aren't going to disappear, but they won't be impulse buys any more.

Joe "Orlando or San Bernardino or Paris or Brussels" Nutball wouldn't have an easy time locating an illicit AR-15 in this country. He'd be shot by the first person he asked who actually had an AR-15.

Assault weapons are controllable, because they are physical. But Islam, whatever you think of it, isn't physical. It can't be stopped practically even if doing so were not evil morally.

That makes the answer fairly simple. Assault weapons need to be banned worldwide.

Imagine the drool flow if Trump were president right now.

The hyenas are going to be barking and howling if this latest piece of dirt turns out to be a radicalized Islamic assault weapon owner.

The Republican establishment just groaned audibly. Their last chance of kicking Trump to the curb (or forcing him to drop out of the presidential race through backroom deal artistry) just evaporated. The drool is already all over the place. By tonight you'll be able to float a canoe.

Who's More Ignorant: Trump, George W. Bush, or Sarah Palin?

One reason Trump is such a great opponent for Hillary

Hillary's great at details and rational persuasion, and that is a definite strength. But another strength she has that rarely has a good chance to be exercised is her ability to attack. She can't really unleash her full attack strength against Bernie, because it would be counterproductive. It would backfire. The audience has to believe you have the right to attack or even want you to attack your opponent for attack to be effective.

Trump inspires that in audiences. They are asking her to play a song she can definitely play.

The X or Bust Feeling

Sanders and Trump supporters have the same structural life circumstances (dissatisfaction) and functional intentions (toward revolution). Their chief difference is in their choice of desperate, unrealistic solutions. Sanders supporters want to metal the pedal on socialist ideas (right idea, wrong approach). Trump supporters want to punch someone.

Both Sanders supporters and Trump supporters want what they want, and some (a few) are willing to accept any level of risk to get it. The "or bust" mentality is the same as the "we've got nothing to lose" mentality. Once you get to that position your decision responsibilities fade. Life becomes simple. We get what we want or we get a "surprise." It's all good, right?

Surprises are fun. If Sanders divides the Democrats and hands Trump the presidency that wouldn't be so bad, right? Worst case, we all die in a world-wide nuclear holocaust. Who wants to live if things are just going to be like they are now anyway? Let's all go watch Threads and get ready for an adventure.

Then for Trump supporters it's the same thing. They want to try punching some damned people for a change. They want someone who will kick and flail and try to swim out of the quicksand. And Trump will definitely let them do it, from a safe distance.

The fact is that however bad things are now, they can get worse. Look at what happened in 2000. We allowed a scruffy imbecile into the White House, two of them in fact. More than that, in fact. Republicans were allowed to run rampant. We let a pack of horny, foul-natured mutts into the dog show, and we are still dealing with the downstream consequences to this day.

I don't think we are going to do that again. It's amazing and wonderful to me that there can even be a Sanders position in the election. That is a testament to Obama and all of us on the left. Obama has been like a parachute, safely, sometimes passively controlling our return to Earth. We need more of that sane, brilliant, truly courageous subtlety.

Trump is finally giving the Clinton email controversy its proper respect.

It looks like Hillary's attack on Trump is paying dividends. He is now hitting her on the email controversy. Nothing could possibly be more effective at putting that issue to rest than for Trump to open his big mouth and try to make a big deal of it.

The right won't be able to stop Trump from throwing his "anti-credibility" behind the Benghazi line of BS either. Before he is done, Trump will make Hillary likeable again. All the years of the right ardently sweating and laboring over their big lie are about to be undone in a puff of smoke.
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