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Court fees and plea bargaining keep the Republican Drug War alive.

The Drug War is truly insane. If every case went to court and the state paid for all traditional expenses, the war would have been over long ago. Thanks to clever Republican-style thinking, it has grown.

Plea bargaining allows the system to handle far, far more people. It has become merely a red tape revenue racket. The substance abuse victim is grabbed by the police and herded into a system that processes them. People collect paychecks and feed on the process every step of the way. The output is criminal record branded prisoners and probationers.

In many states, the newly minted criminal is charged for his or her own processing. They can be charged for their court-appointed lawyer, the court's processing costs, their stay in prison, and the costs of administering their probation. These people, who we want and expect to reform and rejoin society, are saddled with hundreds and thousands of dollars in debt.

The system we have allowed to evolve, Folks, is barbaric.

Democrats can be proud that they are the good guys.

There's really nothing in this world that says people have to be good, ethical, honest, etc. There's nothing that says people have to be virtuous. Democrats can take pride in knowing that they are on the side of good. Whether they make their choice for the right reasons or the wrong ones, they are on the side of good.

Republicans have to live with the fact that they have chosen dishonesty and cheating. They have to create alternate realities in their heads now. When they say "lock her up" about Hillary, what they are telling us is that they have let their own characters sink so low that only an opponent who deserves to be locked up can justify their personal descent into disgrace. Republicans create a fictional Hillary who deserves to be locked up, because it is the only way they can live with their own lying, cheating, and failure in reality.

Until the Republicans bottom out (and it could be a while), Republicans are the burden of the Democrats. Our only choice is to vote them out of every office in every election. They aren't going to face reality until they face the consequences of ignoring it.

Outstanding woman.

She will make a great president.

If Putin really wants Trump elected that would make you...

Dems need to speak Mr. Hyde's language sometimes.

The Dems should not be goody two shoes all the time. Sometimes they need to frame issues so that Mr. Hyde gets it.

Sure, we ought to say that we want the economy to provide a living to everyone who works hard and plays by the rules. But we also need to say that the Republicans will destroy the economy just like they did last time, and that means for Mr. Hyde too. When we say that someone who works hard should not be in poverty, Mr. Hyde gets a bad feeling. He likes other people living in poverty. Imagining people not living in poverty gives him the same bad feeling he gets when you tell him about someone who got subsidized health care and didn't die.

If you attack hatred, Mr. Hyde feels insulted and angry. Hatred is one of his main emotions. He wouldn't know who he was without hatred. You need to channel Mr. Hyde's hatred, not try to eliminate it. Right now, for example, he hates climate scientists, primarily because the liberal Dr. Jekylls love them. For Mr. Hyde, the message about global warming needs to be about him losing property values. We don't need him thinking dust bowls will hurt poor people. Again, that is fine with him. We need him to imagine dust bowls driving poor people into his neighborhood asking for food and water.

It's really very simple. Mr. Hyde takes joy in other people's misery and feels misery when he perceives other people's joy. But even though he is an evil asshole, we good people still have a common enemy with him. A bad climate and a bad economy hurt us both. We need Mr. Hyde to realize that his own hide is on the line.

Is there no interesting demagogue out there?

Why in the hell do we have to have this Idiocracy version of a demagogue? It's embarrassing to the human race. Donald Trump? What a farce.

It's a hiccup.

It will do nothing except increase attention for the DNC.

In a world that is nutso enough to make Donald Trump a presidential candidate, a few "scandalous" emails aren't going to do much of anything. People really feel empowered and informed by this Internet thing, and they are definitely giving us an experiment in democracy.

Now we have a "leak" specifically timed to affect a national political convention. So it appears that Wikileaks is in fact exactly what everyone thought. A bad idea. The timing shows that Wikileaks is just another way to try to manipulate power.

They can't get us all.

I'm not frightened by the terrorist attacks at all. I'm not even all that angry. There are 7.4 billion people on earth. The terrorists kill maybe a couple thousand a year. Godawful amounts of heartbreak and tragedy are happening every day. The actual terrorist affect on humanity is minuscule.

When I hear of a terrorist attack, I just think systematically about the terrorists. Drone the leaders, take away all of their money, stop making more terrorists. I don't have a big rage fit or panic attack.

It really is like Franklin Roosevelt said. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. These puny terrorist groups can't get us all. They can't even get a fraction of a fingernail of the world's population. They are nothing.

But their impact on us is magnified by Republicans. Imagine if Republican George W. Bush never occupied the White House. Osama Bin Laden's 9/11 success would have been his last success. Everything would have been downhill for him after that. But under Republican George W. Bush, Bin Laden was able to create damage to the West beyond his wildest hopes. In lives, in treasure, and in psychological damage, Republican George W. Bush magnified Bin Laden's success a thousand fold.

Look at us now. We're still scared of our shadow thanks to Republicans. Angry, scared, throwing away our money, lives, peace of mind, and character...that defeat of America is the win the Republicans hand the terrorists every day.

Republicans must all be voted out of every office in every election. The terrorists can't get us all, but a complete dipshit like Trump riding the emotional wave of a bunch of yahoos and hyenas can get us bad. It is already starting to get us. How many more times are we going to let the terrorists bee sting us and the Republicans stampede us off of the nearest cliff?

Trump's got a lot of nerve to talk about making America safe again.

After all, it has been Trump who has been attacking all Muslims instead of just the Jihadists. That is plain stupid, and it was designed to appeal to the ignorant for political gain. Trump traded America's safety for a few popularity points from the ignorant.

What if Hillary were held to Trump's honesty standard?

Secretary Clinton, what did you think when you first heard that your husband had an affair with an intern?

Well, that never happened. The people who said it happened were all just lying, nasty people.

Fair enough. And what's your plan to secure our borders?

No one was talking about just putting a glass dome over the country before I said it. I'll put a dome over the country and force the Martians to pay for it.

Your opponent says that's impossible, and there is no such thing as Martians.

It will be a beautiful dome. And the Martians will pay for it. We're gonna make them pay for it.

Fair enough...
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