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Obama has ruined everything. Am I right?

Before Obama took office, I could drive to work in the morning, and there would be comparatively little traffic. It was beautiful. No one had jobs to go to, so I had the road all to myself.

And going to the stores? Am I right? Much worse now thanks to Obama. There are now people packing the stores buying things. If I want to buy things now, I find myself constantly having to maneuver my shopping cart around other shoppers. It was much much easier before Obama. There weren't a bunch of people and laughing kids in all the store aisles.

Then there is my shadenfreude supply. It cratered under Obama. I'm comparatively prosperous and suffered nothing but a temporary dip in my net worth under Bush and his Republicans. The George W. Bush Republicans and their recession made me look a lot more successful by destroying the lives of a whole segment of people of my age.

Everywhere I looked some family was forced to sell their house at bargain prices when one or both of the parents lost their job in the Republican recession. Heck, I could buy their house and laugh at them while they and their kids moved out if I wanted to. I could lord it over them. I could make a move on the wife. It was fantastic. Am I right?

And then Obama screws everything up, and these people are finding jobs again. Jobs, jobs, jobs. And their pay is going up. Now my having a job isn't so special. I'm back to being just like everybody else.

Geez I'm glad we have a chance at getting Trump in the White House. Aren't you? Am I right?

Why does Donald Trump have any supporters at all?

It's not Hillary's fault at all. The fault lies squarely with his diminishing group of supporters. They just keep making excuses for the inexcusable.

Dump a Dittohead Day

Since Dittoheads (aka Trumpees) are supportive of a guy who disrespects their wives (not to mention their daughters and mothers), maybe it's time women gave these guys a little nudge...back to gentleman-hood. I suggest that women designate Saturday, October 8th, 2016, "Dump a Dittohead Day." On that day, all women who think a man's support of Donald Trump means he doesn't deserve the company of women should dump that man, divorce him, refuse to date him, etc.

Ladies, there should not be this huge disparity in voting preferences without social consequences. The huge gap in female support for Trump means what we all think it means. You hate him. Are you going to hang out with a guy who likes Trump?

Makes no sense. Dump your Dittohead. He thinks he can get away with putting an asshole who looks down on women and has the mental bearing of a twelve-year-old into the Oval Office. Maybe you should put him out of your house. Tell him if Trump get's more of the white male vote than the female vote you'll assume it was him.

Calling in an airstrike on your own position

That's what the Trumpees are doing.

The only thing about himself Trump says is small... the $14 million loan he got from his father. Did anyone catch how Trump called that "a small loan" in the debate? To me: 1) That's not a small loan, and 2) Does Trump have no modesty or sense of gratitude for the fact that he was essentially handed a cushy life by his father?

He's just a classless braggart. A classic case of a guy "born on third base who thinks he hit a triple."

Unscientific polls as propaganda.

There's nothing Trump touches that isn't either already shit or turns to shit. These unscientific polls that he is citing saying he won the debate? Who knew that a demagogue could take a basically "for fun" thing and turn it into a nasty, poisonous lie? He's not doing it because he thinks the poll proves he won. He's doing it to try to make other people think he won.

We should have seen this coming. Trump looks at people's minds the way a burglar looks at a house. It's just glass in the window. Break it and go on in.

Trump is going to increase illegal immigration

He'll get in and toss NAFTA. Jobs will drop in Mexico.

Trump without his dad's $14 million loan

Trump spells the end for the white working class

Anyone else think we are seeing the Republicans finally preparing to give the coup de grace to their reliable old family cow, the white working class? George W. Bush left them staggering. They thought he was going to save them, and he just screwed them over. Now here comes Trump to take advantage of them. If he makes it, he will get a good deal for himself.

Best metaphor for Trump

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