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Will Trump's SCOTUS pick be honorable enough to refuse Garland's seat?

I wonder if the Dems will ask whoever it is whether they think the way they are getting the job is Constitutional.


Hehe. Ok, fellow liberals, now it's safe to talk. How's everything going?



Straggler Republican. He's gone now.

Where were we?

Republicans! Look under your beds tonight! Are those glowing eyes?!?!

Hehe. Sorry. My bad.

But seriously, while you're under there with your flashlight see if you can find some of the people Trump saw in his inauguration crowd. They may be hard to see.

Trump probably picked on the countries least likely to hit back.

There's the idea that he didn't pick on countries where he has business interests, and that may have played a part in it. But judging from the fact that he left Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, and Lebanon off of his list, I think we can say there's an element of cowardice there too. Don't get me wrong. I don't think Trump should have used any country's people for this cruel, bullying political stunt. But it says a lot about him that he only picked the weakest, least historically dangerous ones.

The left could use the wake-up call.

Let's assume for the sake of argument that Trump doesn't start a nuclear war and get all of our kids and grandkids killed. There is a reasonably good chance that won't happen. In fact, Trump is so far doing exactly what you would expect him to do, beat up on easy brown targets to keep his yahoos hooting. Trump probably wants the courts to block him. He needs a few more "episodes" where a white, bloated, mean, loud-mouthed, stupid guy takes on the "brown Muslim foe."

It's "Trump the Brave" shaking his fist and calling out the Loch Ness Monster. The yahoos love it. They think that the Loch Ness monster is not showing up to fight Trump because it's afraid of him. Idiots. Next Trump is going to raise his tiny little palms toward the heavens and deflect earthbound asteroids with the force of his will. His supporters will go nuts with approval.

Lefty, do you see this shit? That's because you didn't vote.

Captain Trump pulling back the yoke to break the spin

Looks like the Barnum circus isn't ending after all.

It's just turning dumb and ugly.

This new George W. Bush isn't going to fool the country's immune system.

Trump's not going to be able to start any wars, trade or otherwise. The Republicans are wrong and heavily infiltrated by the forces of stupidity and meanness, but they know full well what another George W. Bush could do to them.

Trump knows it too. We are just going to see a bunch of Potemkin villages spring up as Trump tries to manipulate the media into playing his game.

Dems need to cut off the escape routes from the SS Trump

We need to make sure that every single Republican leader down to the dogcatcher in Mascoutah, Illinois is duct-taped to Trump and his fate. When he starts to sink, every single one of them is going to be scurrying to try to get off the Trump ship. We need to make sure they stay on it.

What do the classic drunk numbskull big mouths say in bars now?

They can't complain no one's trying their stupid, half-baked ideas any more thanks to Trump. They're probably sitting there now at the bar going, "Oh shit! I'm just a stupid drunk. They're not actually doing this are they? Hell, I was just kidding. I'm stupid but I'm not crazy!."
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