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Do you Trumpies trust that your fellow on-line "Trumpies" aren't Russians?

Just asking. It seems to me that the authentic American Trumpies should have a bone to pick with the Russians for messing with their (the Trumpies) minds. A Trumpie can't know who to trust on-line. Thanks, Putin!

Unfortunately, it does look like John Kelly is a liar.

It's the only explanation. He has had a chance to correct what he said about Rep. Wilson, but he has failed to do so.

So now Trump is promising to help pay legal fees for his staffers?

That doesn't seem appropriate to me. That should be considered witness tampering.

The Puerto Ricans leaving the island should settle in swing states.

That's how they can help Puerto Rico and themselves. Followers of Republicanism aren't interested in helping Puerto Rico. (So unlike them, I know.)

It looks like Florida is a cinch to go blue now. With Florida, a couple of other swing states, and a good gerrymandering decision from the Supreme Court, Republicanism (conservative-ish paint on a pile of simplistic meanness, dishonesty, and stupidity) won't stand a chance.

Let's see how long it takes Kelly to correct his falsehood.

Much longer, and it means he's a liar. The clock is ticking. If you say something defamatory about someone from a White House podium and it turns out to be wrong, you have to take it back fast, really the instant you know.

Not doing that means Kelly is "thinking about" what he should do. There's nothing to think about, not for good people. He needs to apologize and correct his statement.

What a huge drop for Kelly. He could have retired with huge respect and a generally spotless reputation. Look what Trump has done to him.

Trump tried to callously crib a "phrase that pays" from Kelly, and it backfired.

So Kelly had to go in and try to rescue Trump.

Kelly obviously told Trump the story of how he (Kelly) heard about the loss of his son. Kelly heard the words that his son "knew what he was getting into by joining, that 1%" and, "he died surrounded by ... the best men on this Earth, his friends." But Kelly heard those words from Joseph Dunford, Kelly's "best friend" and fellow general.

How Trump thought he could deliver a cribbed, shortened version of that story to a grieving widow (not a general in the military) is beyond me. It just shows how careless and slipshod he was with a very serious and solemn responsibility. That's the way Trump does a lot of things, although this failure on his part is particularly disgusting.

Now that we know Trump cribbed the words, the whole episode is laid bare. He tried to half-ass the phone call by trying to replay Dunford's words. But Trump kept calling the lost Green Beret "your guy" and blew his lines badly. He wasn't speaking from the heart. He was repeating and botching (soiling) what someone else spoke from the heart. Completely disgraceful.

Kelly probably told the story to Trump and felt guilty when Trump "used it." Kelly would have been doing the right thing in advising the President of how Kelly heard from Dunford. Trump, well. He got his mess cleaned up for him. Some people consider it cleaned up anyway. It isn't. Trump stands pathetic.

Trump had to sacrifice some Trumpies before he cuts a deal.

That's the way I read the Obamacare EO. It's a political gambit.

Trump knows that his Trumpies aren't going to accept any action that doesn't look like it is wrecking Obamacare. He also knows he needs a deal early next year. So, yeah, Trump decides to smack the low income and rural whites that make up his base. He knows that even if his trusting Trumpies lose a body part or a close relative or two, they will still be happy. All they care about is making the Dems sad, even if the Dems are only sad from witnessing the spectacle of self-inflicted Trumpie suffering.

By early next year, the Trumpies will start to get angry and anxious. They will convince themselves that Mom lost her house and died from liver failure because of something Obama did. They will demand that Republicans repeal and replace Obamacare.

The Republicans will then reinstate something almost exactly like Obamacare.

They had to do it this way. The Republicanist Congress couldn't "officially" repeal Obamacare while still leaving it in place. They needed Trump to kill Obamacare on TV for the staring and glaring Trumpies, and then to wait for a few of those Trumpies to kick the bucket or lose an eye a few months later. That would motivate the "new" deal. The Trumpies will still feel like they are winning, of course, those who don't end up at or in the cemetary.

Will Trumpies vote Democratic now because of Weinstein?

Right Wingers boycotting right wing dominated businesses?

Genius! Sheer genius!

Republican House Speaker Denny Hastert

That is all.
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