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Erasing the Trump/Moore/Russia taint in the mid-terms?

Voters are smart enough to figure out that the entire Republican Party needs a comeuppance. We simply can't tolerate a party that tolerates Tweetybird Trump, teen stalker Roy Moore, and, especially, willingly invites Russian election propaganda into our country. Republicans chose this path. They did it to themselves. Voters need to bench them.

Should cities stop subsidizing rural areas?

I live within a ten-minute drive of an airport and a one-minute drive to a highway. Why should I have to pay the same for letter and package delivery as a rural customer?

The homes in my area are less than 100 feet apart. I live in the suburbs. In the cities, people's homes are right on top of one another. Why should urban and suburban folks have to pay the costs of the long electric lines and higher maintenance cost per capita of serving rural folks?

I'm actually a Democrat, so I support the additional expenses and lack of profitability involved in keeping rural areas electrified, keeping their roads maintained, and providing them with postal service. But I think if rural folks are going to side with Republicans, it's fairly important that they be consistent and get ready to pay their own way on these things.

What about ethanol? Why is the government forcing us to use it? It''s...why it's tyranny! Omg, it's picking winners and losers!

How will Trump make up for lost Russian support in 2020?

It's going to be doubly bad for Trump in 2020. In the primary, Flake, Rubio, and Romney are going to throw the Russian meddling in Trump's face. Every positive mention of Trump or negative criticism of his primary opponents will be suspected of being Russia-originated. No one will trust anything or anyone that supports Trump.

Trump's refusal to accept that he was aided by Russia essentially confirms that he knows he was. Now he knows he can't count on that support but, at the same time, it will be assumed he is getting it.

At least liberalism is still alive, unlike conservatism.

On the left, we are still dominated by liberalism. Yes, we have some identity politics, Marx-warped, and PC yahoo-ists. But, if you notice, those folks are experiencing a backlash within the left, not just outside it. The left is heading toward democratic socialism (powered by capitalism) economically and sticking with core virtues, chiefly rationalism, in other areas. We're viable.

The right, on the other hand, is much more deeply infected with folly. The right has more endemic yahoo-ism than the left for one thing. That produces pustules and outbreaks like Roy Moore, Cliven Bundy, and Donald Trump not to mention crises like the Iraq War and the Great Recession. But it's not just yahoos. Even the right's non-yahoos, its establishment, are largely incompetent, fogbound, dishonest screw-ups. I call them Republicanists because "conservative" is something they aren't.

In short, liberalism is alive with a marginal fringe of benighted radicals; conservatism is dead as a doornail and swarming with panicked yahoos.

Republicans shouldn't have raised taxes on the middle class.

It was a huge mistake, despite the fact that it was targeted at "blue state" middle class taxpayers.

Why? Because Republicans raised some peoples' taxes. Had they simply borrowed an extra trillion or so they could have said they gave everyone a tax cut. As it is now, Republicans have legitimized the idea of a bill that cuts taxes for some and raises taxes for others.

In 2018 and 2020, Dems will run on the same basic idea. They'll simply invert the Republicans' big tax bill, giving all of the middle and working class additional tax cuts while soaking corporations and a small percentage of wealthy taxpayers. Dems will even be able to run as deficit hawks thanks to Republicans.

Republicans screwed up. First, some of them may actually believe "trickle down." The stupid ones do. When it fails to pan out as usual they will be left in the pumpkin patch ranting at The Great Pumpkin again. The corporations will have contributed to GDP growth and wage Latin America and Asia.

Second, Republicans mistake the working and middle class gratitude level they will have achieved with their current tax bill. People are ingrates. They don't decide to buy a refrigerator from a store because they are grateful for the deal the store gave them on their stove. They'll just be looking for another deal in 2020. Republicans may think that people will be in the mood for spending cuts and sacrifice. Zero chance.

The Trumpies' second coming of Dubya is on pace.

Dubya 2's already got them thanking him for borrowing money on their credit card and "giving them back" some of it. "Fool can't get fooled again." Yeah you can.

Obama and the Democrats did what they always do. They righted the economic ship that the Republicans had capsized. That gave the American people a chance to rest their arms and legs in preparation for more swimming now that Republicans are back at the tiller. We'll figure it out.

The Russian election win for Dubya 2 happened at a good time in our history, much like the Supreme Court and Florida "voter role tampering" win of Dubya 1. America is getting these curses (so far) at a time in our history when we can afford them. America is learning from Republicanism in the only way it can trust, the hard way.

I'm optimistic.

How is a MAGA hat different from a cowboy boot?

Hehe. Old one.

Talking about a "War on Christmas" is deeply ironic.

This "War on Christmas" thing is a great riddle for Christians to ponder. Which "side" do they think they are on?

Democrats pay their taxes without whining.

If there's one thing that separates Dems from Republicans, it's that Dems fulfill their obligations to the country without whining about them. We often see a Republican (or Independent who follows Republicanism) talk about how they want to keep more of their own money. But what they don't want to talk about is that, by whining about paying their fair share of the country's bills, they are actually hurting their country.

A dollar from a Democrat comes with respect for their country. A dollar from a Republican (or Republicanist independent) comes with a heap of grief and abuse. It's too bad that whiners can't be forced to pay more in order to make up for their stinking up the place with their complaining and abuse.

Followers of Republicanism are an emotional burden on those of us who just fulfill our obligations and shut up about it.

Anti-Pollution law "reform" next?

Why don't we just take all of the civic virtues and give ourselves some "much needed relief" from them next year? "Golden Rule" reform maybe? Allow littering? Cutting the cheese in elevators? Coughing without covering your mouth?

No taxes at all. Think of it. No taxes.

Think how relieved we can all be if we don't have to do anything good and don't have to stop doing anything bad.

Republicans may be onto something here.

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