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Spicer really is a sneak.

I heard the press asking Spicer today whether there was any proof that that there was wiretapping "before the election as (Trump) alleged." (Paraphrasing.)

And, paraphrasing, Spicer comes back with, "It's interesting that we are now splitting hairs about what date it happened on, whether it was a Monday or Tuesday, December whatever." Very damned sneaky.

Of course, Spicer knows that the point is that no evidence indicates it ever happened at all. Trump accused Obama falsely of wiretapping Trump Tower before the election. Now Spicer says Trump is not a liar if any surveillance that might have any "association" with anyone within three Bacons of Trump or anything that smells "surveillancy," or any word that occurs in the same dictionary as the word "surveillance," on any date at any time.

Spicer is grasping at straws and accusing the press of splitting hairs when they point it out. Very damned sneaky.

Has a political party ever tried to incite or cover up an act of war before the Republicans?

So Trump tells the Russians he is Ok with their hacking our election and hopes they keep doing it. That's incitement. Has any party ever incited an enemy to attack our country before the Republicans?

Then, to top it off, the Republicans (motivated exclusively by the self-interest of their party) are trying to minimize and whitewash the effect of the attack. Republicans are worried about leaks that damage the Republican Party, not an adversary who wants nothing less than to see America brought low.

The House Intelligence Committee isn't investigating the act of war committed by the Russians. At least the Republicans on the committee aren't.

What's so hard about this, Republicans? Putin attacked the United States. Whose side are you on?

Science or the opinions of the stupid?

(When the stupid disagree with science.)

Were the Mosul civilian casualties like the Yemeni ones?

I wonder if Trump had something to do with the Mosul incident too. He's a steer in a China shop.

Republicans, here's why you shouldn't want to turn America into Russia

Now do you see why Dems disagree with your wanting to follow Russia's lead so much?

The Freedom Caucus deserved to be slammed by Trump

The great thing about the Republicans making all of the illegals leave.

It will immediately add 8 million great paying jobs to the economy. Think of it. Eight million Americans will be able to rush into those jobs and pick up the reins. Since all of those jobs will be filled by grateful young Americans, we won't have to be concerned about losing workers paying into Social Security and Medicare, so those programs will be left in great shape.

Also, think of how great it will be to free up the homes the illegals now own or rent. We won't need near as much construction, and renters will have their picks of available homes. There won't be nearly as many people buying local goods and services, so those of us still here will get better deals at any businesses able to stay afloat after losing 11 million customers.

It's gonna be great. We're gonna love it.

Trump may be trapped at this point.

He's not an ideas guy. He's a salesman. And he is in charge of a company that has no decent products and no R&D. The only products the Republicans have are George W. Bush establishment politics and radical, Breitbart-inhalant-victim country arson. For R&D, they have the scintillating genius named Paul Ryan. Ryan makes Dick Cheney look smart.

Trump is pretty much screwed. He's only going to be able to deliver more Bushism, because that is all the Republican machine produces. And he's going to have to stick his precious name on it. That can't be appetizing for him.

His other alternative is to try to get Dems on board and truly claim a section of the market across both parties. That's bold, and for someone with a lot of personality and no rock hard reputation as a complete lying-ass son-of-a-bitch it might be possible. It's not possible for Trump.

Is Trump a liar?

I'm proud of Republicans by gosh!

They didn't pass an incredibly vicious bill that would have taken health care away from 24 million people. Good for them!

Oh wait, the reason they didn't pass it is that a bunch of their snorting orc folk didn't think the bill was vicious enough.

Never mind.
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