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Huma, meet Ivanka

Trump looked like a pig in a human beauty pageant at the G7

He really made those other leaders look great. Trump may have accidentally turned down the world's appetite for stupidity. With Putin's help, Trump was able to con enough Americans to get into the White House. In doing that, he exposed the true face (intellect, physical condition, hair, morals, and deportment) of American Republicanism. The world heaved its collective dinner. It will think twice the next time it looks at its political plate and sees anything resembling Orange Elvis.

I can't get over how proud the other countries must be of their leaders at the G7 having Trump there to compare them with. Congratulations to them. Putin cheated us, and we look like idiots, but those other six countries did a good job electing leadership.

Evil Bud Fox, Illinois Nazi, Radar O'Liely, or Damien McRusskie. Who departs TrumpCo next?

Are Republicans right to believe that people not needed by the (current) economy should all die?

Dems look at the economy as in service to humanity and the world itself; Republicans take the opposite view. Are Republicans right?

Comparison/contrast of Dubya 1 vs. Dubya 2 3D

Daddy gave Dubyas 1 and 2 everything they have in life, including their wealth and stature. But Daddy also gave them their mental scars.

Both like to be surrounded by sycophants and yes-people. Dubya 1 treated his entourage nicely, even "work marrying" one of them. Dubya 2 seems to have a sadomasochistic relationship with his underlings. Dubya 2's underlings joyfully roll around in dog crap under him. (It's noticeable on one or two of them, but the others were already heavily coated with canine excrement from previous wallowing.) Dubya 1 got Colin Powell to jump into the dog poo, but George Tenet told him it was candy bars.

Dubya 1 had a child's understanding of the Bible and decided he was one of its main characters. Dubya 2 has no understanding of any religion or philosophy, but he is willing to act as if he has a child's understanding of the Bible in order to attract followers who also do.

Dubya 1's family looks down on Dubya 2's. Dubya 2's family looks down on Dubya 1's. Both are correct.

Dubya 1 had Dick Cheney pick his cabinet, and Dick Cheney was co-president. Dubya 1 would have been afraid to lie to Dick Cheney for fear of being invited to go hunting. (Also, a fourth degree black belt liar doesn't mess with an eleventh degree one.) VP-wise, Dubya 2 talked Greg Marmalard's fundy stepbrother Mike Pence into fronting for him with the yokel holy rollers. Like his stepbrother Greg, Mike takes pride in his ability to repeatedly say, "Thank you, Sir. May I have another?" Unlike his stepbrother, Pence radiates a kind of "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" creepy vibe. He doesn't want to dine with women when he's had wine, and I assume they are Ok with that.

Both Dubyas like to play with soldiers' lives. Both like to orgy with the Saudis. Putin likes to play with the heads and fates of both. Radical Islamists view both as an Allah-send.

This could get kind of long. I'll probably continue this in a Part 2 later, despite popular demand.

Clinton opened up a serious can of whoop-ass on Dubya 2 at Wellesley

Wow. Trump really needs to stand on his tiptoes and take a few swings upward. He might hit her in the ankle.

Why do Republicans think dumb, mean, and dishonest is going to get them anywhere?

Sure, there is "dumb, mean, and dishonest" in the Democratic Party, but it isn't official policy there. We don't honor it. We view it as simply a fact of life. People aren't angels. There is going to be some dumb, some mean, and some dishonest always. But Democrats try to minimize it. Democrats don't respect dumb, mean, and dishonest and make it their "go to" approach to everything. But Republicans do now. My question is, why?

Can Republicans not get what they want without resorting to underhandedness and nastiness, without appealing to stupidity or willingly opposing rationality?

I can see the evolutionary advantage of tribalism. It worked when the world had tribes. It doesn't work now. Look around.

So the question boils down to, "Why would Republicans stick a wooden head representing stupidity, meanness, and dishonesty at the top of their tribal totem pole and dance around it like a bunch of oblivious savages?" I have a possible reason in mind, but I'm wondering why they think they do it.

If you drop an apple in the hole of a Johnny on the Spot

And bunch of Republicans jump in after, one emerging with an apple in his mouth...who won?

What are the Trumpees gonna get?

I see the Republican establishment winning, but it looks like the Trumpees are losing badly.

Are the Trumpees getting a tax cut? Maybe. The usual Republican ploy is to sock the credit card for $100 and take $98.50 for the wealthy. The suckers get $1.50. Then the Republicans send the credit card bill to the suckers' kids.

What about an end to abortion? Zero chance of that. Gorsuch can't swing the court. And even if Trump gets another chance to name a justice, it still won't matter. If Roe v. Wade is overturned the states with legal abortion will be unaffected. About three fourths of the states with anti-abortion laws on the books (or laws that trigger on the overturn of Roe v. Wade) will turn blue the next election. The remaining one fourth will see no change in abortions, just in legal abortions. Winning?

Wall? Ha. Mexico paying for it? Ha.

Muslim ban. Right.

Coal mining jobs? Unfortunately, no. And also nothing to help displaced coal miners. Republicans literally can't help coal miners get other work, because it would look like they were going back on their promise to get coal jobs back. Coal miners (all ten of them) will be Dems next election. All the people who voted for Trump because he said he would help Loretta Lynn's dad will be told by Trump himself what a huge success he was in saving coal. News organization fact checkers will scoff. Trumpees will believe Trump anyway.

Peace in the Middle East? Not feeling too good about this bet with Trump. He basically has to give in to whoever he negotiates with to get them to go along with saying he's a great negotiator to the press. "Americans, your President Trump drives such a hard bargain! Oh my gosh, we gave up so much because of his genius in the dealings of art! Snort." It's possible that both the Israelis and Palestinians could get Trump to hand them both enough U.S. wealth to fight more quietly for a while. Am I too cynical?

Kim Jong-un? As I already said, he's getting a big raise under Trump, largely due to Trump's aforementioned weakness in political negotiation. He's a phony, so everyone rolls him. Look at what Saudi Arabia just did. They have no money to spare thanks to the world oil glut, but Trump got them to save the Rust Belt. Sure he did.

Putin currently has to stand back and let other vultures feed on Trump for a while. The press is watching too closely for him to wet his beak. He'll have to keep feeding on his adoring Russians.

Small towns? Starved even further. No chance Trump can do anything for them. He lied to those people. They may stay loyal to him of course. That is truly sad. I'm serious. If you want to cry, either watch "Terms of Endearment" or watch footage of Trump raising small town peoples' hopes with hand waving and hype just to get their votes.

So where's the winning for the Trumpees as Republicans? Not seeing it. Wrong choice on their part.

I really don't know how the Trumpees expect to get good times back.

The robots are taking their jobs and Republicans are on the robots' side in that. Then Republicans also want to make sure that people can't do anything about global warming or infrastructure repair. So what is there left for the Trumpees to do?

Ya know, these people who you Trumpees think of as radical Islamic terrorists are mainly just angry guys with nothing to do and no control over anything. Who's that remind you of? You and they are in the same room with all the walls closing in. They just happen to be closer to the corners. There's a wheel turning that drives the walls, and you and your "Islam-flavored" counterparts in the ME just want to keep on turning the wheel.
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