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If Trump picked up a dog turd and smeared it on his face on live TV, what would his supporters do?

Melania's got Trump by the short hairs right now.

If she hasn't already renegotiated her pre-nup and moved her money out of Trump Organization-based assets, she's not too bright. Before Trump's surprise win, Melania was looking at Ivana/Marla money, possibly less than that. Now she can take him to the cleaners, and he knows it. He can't afford to be dumped right now.

Are the Trumpees visiting and staying in Trump hotels this Summer?

They should. Put on those MAGA hats and go stay in a Trump hotel. Dine in the restaurant, regaling your many offspring with your funny, humorous stories. Hang out in the lobby and at the bar. Dust off your clubs (or get rentals) and golf on the Trump golf courses. I'm sure Trump would love to see you all. Think how happy you would make him if everywhere he looked all he could see was a bunch of his beloved Trumpees in their hats roaming around his property.

In the afterlife, do you want to go the same place Trump goes?

Trump has the federal government collecting voter data from the states.

And he's going to make it public.

So that's good news for marketers. Once this is public, it will be possible to analyze the data, tie it to available data on line and have a pretty decent dossier of every American of voting age available to everyone in the world.

The MSM needs to stop saying Trump was condemned by "both sides."

It's never both sides. Most Republicans effectively defend Trump's nuttiness by downplaying it. Paul Ryan's formulation was especially weak on this last one. "Obviously, I don't see that as an appropriate comment." Republicans like Paul Ryan created Trump. They continue to backstop him and protect him.

It's also especially disturbing to watch the classic "Trump pivot" continuing to work so well on the MSM. It allows the Republicans to profit from Trump's lowliness by gaining publicity. Trump's latest outrage puts the cameras and mics on Republicans to "get their reaction." Will the Republicans finally stop enabling Trump this time? Surely this time he has gone too far, right?

Nope. Republicans just do the Trump pivot every time. They respond that they wish Trump wouldn't "distract" from the important work they are doing for the "American People." It's two seconds of tepid, reluctant disapproval of Trump's latest childishness followed by two minutes of self-promotion.

Republicans created Trump, and they are not going to admit they created yet another clown president. They just use the camera time to pat themselves on the back.

Republicans, please shut your brat up!

You are terrible parents. You are letting your pudgy little spoiled mutt of a son run amok in public. Here's a shocker. Other people don't find your little sweetums all that sweet. Give him a chocolate bar and send him to his room. Just get him out of our sight, please. Even better, you go with him.

Sickening, Inappropriate, No problem?

Having a President of the United States tweeting what Trump tweeted is?

If we got incompetent Republicans to the sidelines, we wouldn't need to rely on "compassion."

Republicans stand in the way of a functioning capitalism. They stand in the way of legitimate government demand for goods and services. They ration education, starving state and local educational institutions of funding. Republicans are just short-sighted and, unfortunately, incompetent. That's why they need to be voted out. It's not their lack of compassion; it's their incompetence. Their lack of compassion is just a moral failing, not an economic one.

If we can just get the Republicans out for a while, we can reverse this trend of laziness, short-sightedness, and incompetence that has prevailed since trickle-down man Ronald Reagan. Then folks will have good jobs again, and we can stop talking about compassion. We'll be in a position to actually show more of it. Even Republicans show more compassion once they've taken care of good old number one.

Does two plus two equal four?

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