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Trump was using quotes around "winning."

Trump loves to put quotes around things he says and tweets.

For example, at a rally Trump might say, "Americans are going to 'win' so much that they will get tired of 'winning.'" His audience thinks he is talking about (real, no quotes) winning, not (fake, whatever Trump wants it to mean) "winning." Unfortunately, what Trump really means is that America is going to be losing a lot more under Republicans, but they will bullshitted by him into thinking they are winning.

Republicans are to blame for most of the bad things about ObamaCare

ObamaCare (the ACA) has been very successful, no thanks to Republicans. They have sabotaged it at the expense of the American people.

Republican opposition prevented Democrats from enacting single payer or a government option when the ACA was passed.

Republican lawsuits resulted in Medicaid expansion being treated as optional on a state-by-state basis. This gave Republican-led states the ability to sabotage ObamaCare while blaming it for the problems the sabotage caused.

The worst Republican-led state governments then did not accept Medicaid expansion. That forces hospitals to charge indigent emergency room care to those with insurance, raising their rates. It also removes billions from a state's income in the overall healthcare sector. The unlucky residents of these Republican-led states paid out the same federal taxes as residents of other states, but the money they paid out didn't come back to them. Instead, that money (thanks, again, to Republican state government) went to blue states and to states where the Republican-led governments had the sense to expand Medicaid.

Other factors include failing to create state exchanges (again, for state residents unlucky enough to live in Republican states) and constantly fighting and casting doubt on the future of the ACA, creating uncertainty in the market.

The simple fact is, the Republicans were suffering humiliation from the catastrophes they caused under Republican George W. Bush, and they were not about to let the country have anything good happen under Obama.

Why Trump is bringing up the filibuster now

Trump wants to mislead dumb or impressionable people into thinking that a filibuster was the reason for the Republican health care failure in the Senate.

Republicans feel sorry for Sessions but not sick people

Sessions gets some criticism and Republicans rush to his side. Normal people get sick or die and Republicans are saying "so what?"

Trump is being really stupid with Sessions.

He's motivating Sessions to stay by screwing him over publicly. Sessions just needs to hang around and protect Mueller from Trump. Payback. If Sessions doesn't quit, we know Trump is toast.

Trump soiled the Boy Scouts

News at eleven.

Again, it doesn't matter if the Trump campaign "colluded"

All we need to know is that the Russians tipped the election to Trump and why they did it. Obstruction of justice charges don't rely on there being collusion, for example. Trump may simply have wanted to derail the investigation to prevent a money laundering scheme from coming to light.

Simultaneous impeachment of both Trump and Pence after 2018?

If Trump makes it obvious that he should be impeached, but the Republicans protect him anyway, then they could easily lose control of both the House and Senate. At that point, the Dems do the right thing and impeach both Trump and Pence simultaneously. Pelosi becomes the first female president.

Why the concerns about choosing between "the lesser of two evils?"

I have yet to see anyone in our species with zero "evil." There is no non-evil voting choice to be made, only a choice of lesser or greater. One idea that helps increase net evil in the world is the idea that choosing leaders with less (but non-zero) evil is somehow wrong. It's an evil idea, and the (more) evil use it to their advantage.

Trumpees, what exactly did you think Trump and the Republicans would do with health care?

Did you really think they would try to try to create better health care at lower cost for everyone? That would be a dumb thing to believe, but at least it's honorable.

I'm hoping you weren't thinking Republicans would make health care access worse for you and your family but three times worse for minorities, "illegals," and liberals. I'm hoping you weren't trading in your own family's health in order to take joy in the increased misery of others. One, that's obviously low. If that's your motivation, you need to get your soul examined. But two, Republicans screwing the people you don't like more than they screw you won't happen. Again, we're in dumb territory if you think that. Dumb and evil both. The Republicans, if anything, are going to take health care away from people who will complain the least. Sorry guys, that's you.

I really am mystified. I know some of you honestly think you were feeling health care pain (high costs, low availability, etc.), but how on Earth could you think Republicans were going to do anything that wouldn't make it worse for you? Did you think Trump was going to talk or "president" Republicans in the House and Senate into creating the magic beans he pre-sold to you?
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