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I blame the "fa" for the Antifa

I don't like the uncivilized things Antifa does and wish they would take off their masks and go back to playing Call of Duty, but the Antifa wouldn't be a thing if the alt-right hadn't started the cycle.

Dem preparedness (via FEMA) once again proves itself.

Once again the Dems' FEMA is proving its value to the American people. How is Trump going to explain his call for budget cuts to FEMA now that he seems to want to take credit for its vital service?

Trump isn't failing to show moral leadership.

He's succeeding in showing immoral leadership.

So Breitbart is now headed by a reject.

That's about right.

If the right wants to stop helping poor people, then stop creating them.

Republicanism is in the way of a huge number of high paying jobs. Republicans are simply incompetent when it comes to economics. They believe that people should only do the work demanded by consumers plus the minimum necessary by government. So far so good, right?

But that's when they bring their incompetence to the table and muck it all up. Common demand such as for a clean environment, energy efficiency, good health care, a just criminal "justice" system, etc., end up being starved and miscategorized as consumer demand. To the extent that the common demand is met by government (as it properly should be), Republicans starve that demand, resulting in far fewer jobs. To the extent that the common demand is "privatized," Republicans hand the job to organizations (non-profit or otherwise) whose job number one is to achieve the least acceptable quality for the consumer with the minimum possible labor. So, again, fewer jobs.

Republicans put a huge downward pressure on wages and the American standard of living by stifling the job creation a fully functioning, well-tuned capitalist system would provide. Socialism and capitalism are not at odds. They are both needed in their proper measure to maximize the wealth and well-being of the American people. Republicans have a boneheaded, merely dogmatic view of common vs. private needs. That view dramatically reduces American wealth. Republicans are in the way of American wealth.

I'm amazed by this "alt left" BS from the alt right.

The alt righters named themselves that to hide their true identity as fringe RWNJs. Then everyone caught on to that rebranding word game, and "alt right" turned dirty too. So then the alt right decides they can name the people who oppose them "alt left." It's another one of these bizarre branding, name-calling twists they seem to like to pull. Another example is "fake news," that started out signifying a legitimate evil (deliberate fake news stories) and was then twisted by Donald Trump and others to try to attach it to any true news they didn't like.

It's really awful watching the modern form of human frailty manifested by the alt right together with the kind of mental and rhetorical contortions its underlying lack of emotional control generate. Fascinating but awful. Evolution in action.

I kind of blame modernity for a lot of it. These alt righters are under a lot of pressure as we all are. They just don't know how to handle it. They contribute to it by panicking and feeding the very process ("Republicanism" is my shorthand) that is the engine of their misery.

Trump represents the imbecile in all of us.

The dumb asshole strand in every human soul cried out for representation. I'm here! I'm here! Won't someone please do and say the dumb, assholish things I so desperately need done and said? Won't someone represent characterlessness, impiety, stupidity, and inhumanity?

And Trump rode in facing backwards on a pale nag.

Even those who didn't vote for Trump can experience the liberation of him. In this world where it is so easy for even good people to get down on themselves, how miraculous that we now have Trump. He sets the bar so low that now the majority of humanity deserves a trophy for good conduct. Most people are better people than the president. A lot of people needed Trump to do that, to be an example of a decency level most can exceed, and to provide "virtue lessons" by counterexample.

Why doesn't Trump put up Robert E. Lee statues on his properties?

Right next to George Washington if he insists.

Trump weasel-worded it again.

It's definitely much more specifically weaselish today.

"Racism is evil -- and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans," Trump said in response to the attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.

Is it Ok to hate Nazism?

I'm not sure if condemning hatred of Nazism is even a valid thing to do. Yeah, I guess it's "hate." But it's hate of frackin' Nazism.
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