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The main differences between Venzuela, Russia, and Saudi Arabia on oil are the pie slices.

The pie is smaller thanks to the oil glut, so all three countries are suffering.

Venezuela seems to run its oil industry incompetently. It apparently nationalized the industry and took it away from Big Oil. That would hurt competence and also put the leftist government on the enemies list of Big Oil and the political power it controls.

Russia is hurting badly economically, but it still loves Putin. Putin is one of the richest people in the world. He makes Trump look like a beggar. I wonder if Putin and his friends might be skimming from Russia's oil industry. (Not really.)

Saudi Arabia is, effectively, just an oil company. Its oil wealth goes through the, um, "royal" family. They take only what they need to survive. (Not really.) Then, they trickle down the rest to the population. It's sort of the Republican end game, only Saudi Arabia uses royalty and traditional religion instead of economic elitism and pseudo-capitalist voodoo dogma to justify what is really just abject greed and nation robbery.

Trump having political rallies and tweeting about the NFL vs. San Juan Mayor

Bloated, Daddy's boy, TV-holic, clownish asshole vs. Mayor of a major American city on an island devastated by a hurricane doing everything she can to get help for her people?

Is that even a question?

2+2 ?

What about CBAE? Contribute to a Better America for Everyone.

Trying to think of an abbreviation that people can wear on a hat or T-shirt. It would be something that everyone could agree on. It would say, sure, America needs some work like usual, so let's do that. What's a hat that both Kaepernick and non-yahoo Trump followers could wear?

Unite America With Itself (UAWI)...I guess it doesn't have the bit about "better" in it and it's premature to ask people to hug. Sort of the opposite of the Bible verse about a divided house that we are currently enacting.

Wearing a MAGA hat is just as bad as kneeling during the national anthem.

I don't like either.

Isn't this "Lefty" stuff weird, fellow lefties?

I keep thinking the people who use it are like that guy Warren Oates takes down in Stripes with, "Lighten up Francis!"

Or even Leonard from Full Metal Jacket creepy/broken some of them.

We're on the left, but they aren't on the right. They're in darkness it seems to me. I feel sorry for them.

I wonder if Trump would call Kaepernick a "son of a bitch" to his face.

Not really.

I wonder if any Trump supporters would.

Not really.

Trump damaged the country badly and may have wrecked the NFL.

Trump had to open his big mouth and barf in the car again.

Kaepernick is right to fight oppression, just wrong in the way he went about it. I am fine with him not playing if he won't stand for the anthem. His approach is wrong. He is setting back a good cause despite both courage and good intentions.

Trump, on the other hand, may have damaged the country and wrecked the NFL. He could have just said he understood Kaepernick's concerns but that he thought Kaepernick should stand for the anthem. Trump could have explained why Kaepernick should stand for the anthem and that his doing so would actually help heal wounds and score points for his cause.

Not Trump. What an asshole.

Republicans, you should watch Vice on North Korea

It's right up your alley. Everyone takes French horn lessons, wears suits to bed, falls to their knees when a guy with funny hair walks by.

Trump pioneered Twitter and rallies.

I disagree with people who tsk tsk Trump about "tweeting" as if it were somehow terrible and beneath the dignity of the office on its face. Trump's tweets themselves are terrible and beneath the dignity of the office, but his use of tweets is a good idea. It would be a very effective tool in the hands of a competent adult.

Twitter communication has the pace and timing dynamics of texting and chatting. You can actually engage in rhetoric at that pace. Rhetorical arguments fall apart if they are stretched out over days. Press briefings and speeches don't happen often enough and are not direct enough for there to be a true real time clash of ideas.

A president needs to face critics in real time. The only reason we have Obamacare today is that the Republicans foolishly invited Obama to speak and engage on camera in a dialog at their retreat. Obama tossed the Republicans around like rag dolls on their home turf. Seeing Republican arguments demolished in real time was an unbeatable game changer.

Then rallies instead of speeches? Yep, they are another great Trump innovation that would be good if practiced by a good leader. Imagine an honest leader, not a huckster, speaking the truth at rallies not attended merely by bewildered Archie Bunkers and assorted yahoos.

I'm still waiting for our team to do rallies, fairs, and Chautauquas.

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