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Did Trump say the most important word he needed to say?


Wouldn't it be cool if instead of wearing MAGA hats, Trumpies dyed their faces and hair orange?

Think about it. To show their devotion, they could become a new "Trump race." Disturbing, I know, but think how funny a Trump rally would become. Picture it. "Do not adjust your set."

What does Hillary have to do with Trump being elected by Russia?

What does she have to do with him (potentially) engaging in money laundering for Russian oligarchs?

What does Hillary have to do with Trump obstructing justice?

Hillary should not even be a part of the discussion. She is only brought in to distract from Trump's correctly perceived illegitimacy and possible lawbreaking. It's the burglar complaining that the cops won't focus on a jaywalker.

Say you needed a partner for a doubles spelling bee. Would you rather have a DUer or a Freeper?

Be honest.

Comey may make his 7-10 split.

I think we can safely assume that the reason Republicans are trying to cover for Trump is that they sense their own careers are in jeopardy. That's why I take developments like Nunes's memo as a positive sign.

How to create a Republicanist tax cut. Suppose I spend $100 per month to pay my bills...

Taxes are just bills. Like all bills, they are paid with owned money. Like all bills, taxes should be recognized as obligations that must be met by anyone under those obligations. Part of that $100, say $10, goes to taxes. Pay it. The democratic Republic you are a part of said so. Whine if you must, but pay the $10.

To many Republicanists, the $10 should be classified as "hard-earned money." That is, it's just $10 they own that came to them as income, but they want people to think they toiled in a salt mine for it. That way it makes their argument more melodramatic, albeit without affecting its validity.

Now, let's create a Republicanist tax cut and give the poor salt miners "back" $1 of their bill. We're going to make their bill $9. They are going to roll around on the floor with their hands and feet in the air shouting our praises when we do that.

Simple. The government logs in to the online bank account of every single salt miner. Once there, they do a cash advance transfer of $1 from the miner's credit card to the government's pocket. Then, they send the miner a tax bill for $9. The miners are ecstatic. The government gets the credit.

Why didn't the Dems think of borrowing money and using it to send checks to people?

Why is it the Dems are always a step behind Republicans on these ideas?

Donald Trump Would Be Richer If He'd Have Invested in Index Funds

Trump’s net worth has grown about 300% to an estimated $4 billion since 1987, according to a report by the Associated Press. But the real estate mogul would have made even more money if he had just invested in index funds. The AP says that, if Trump had invested in an index fund in 1988, his net worth would be as much as $13 billion.

The S&P 500 has grown 1,336% since 1988.

Other billionaires’ net worths have beaten the stock market’s growth in that time. Bill Gates, for example, saw his grow increase 7,173% since 1988 to $80 billion. Warren Buffet’s wealth grew 2,612% in the same time period, to $67.8 billion.

A reminder to those who think Trump is such a good businessman.

Is Trump a dumbass himself or just selling to dumbasses?

Was just watching Maher, and he pegged Trump as a dumbass. I'm not so sure. I think people underestimate Trump. I don't think he's as much a dumbass as he seems at all. He's selling "dumbass." He's just good at finding the "phrase that pays."

On edit: I should mention that I have nothing against dumbasses. They're fine.

What does DI think about Jordan Peterson?

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