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Does your AR-15 owning neighbor lower your property value?

Roy needs your help, Republicanists!

I hope you who follow Republicanism didn't spend all of your "good works" money on Wayne LaPierre. Roy Moore needs money now too. The liberals are still after him, and he still has his Senate race to fund.

I know, I know. Shouldn't WLP be sending money to Roy after all Roy did for the cause? He waved that pistol around in the air giving it the kind of "cool factor" only a Roy Moore can deliver..

And where's Trump when Roy needs him? Trump's got money! Why does it always have to be you Republicanists who have to reach for your wallets for these guys? Money, money, money. That's all it ever is. Do they think you guys are ATMs?

So if Carrier moves more jobs to Mexico, it can buy cheaper steel?

In addition to cheaper labor?

Why wouldn't any company who makes things made out of steel or aluminum just move production out of the United States?

Wouldn't this Republican tariff on steel and aluminum actually give a boost to foreign airplane manufacturers including China?

US Steel stock price down 2.2-2.5% so far today.

I think investors have Trump sized up about right.

Lifelong Dem Billy Graham took the high road at the Nixon Southern Strategy fork.

Graham stuck with the Dems when the bad (and deceived into badness) folks switched lanes and went Republican. It's very similar to what George H.W. Bush did in leaving the NRA.

Those folks who took the wrong path at both decision points should know one thing: It's not really a road you're on. You're not stuck wandering through the wilderness of "Dubya rerun presidencies" and ever-deepening folly that Republicanland has become. Some of you have already taken the first step, calling yourselves independent.

Would Trump give Jared critical US responsibilities just to build him up?

Maybe Jared is a complete loser whose business is crashing. Trump figures, "Hey, I'll give my son-in-law super important, life and death stuff! That'll make him look good and make it easier for him to get loans."

Would Trump do something like that? Everyone's been wondering why Jared never talks. Maybe he's a failure for a reason and his talking would let people see the reason.

Dems should never let the words Republican and Trump be said alone.

We can't let the voters ever forget that it was the Republican Party who put Trump in the White House and now gives all its obedience to him. The Republican Party wasn't satisfied with what their previous leadership example, George W. Bush, did to the country.

Dems can't let Republicans run away from Trump. They are equivalent to Trump.

The NRA couldn't figure out how to stop the problem they created.

That's all. If they were going to insist on people being able to own firepower in excess of that which is covered by the Second Amendment, then they should have had an answer when horrific incidents started occurring. Instead, they just weaseled out of the blame over and over again.

The NRA is now just standing there with a dumb look on its face trying to pretend it is not to blame for the problems it has caused our country.

It's time to see the NRA for what it is and what it did to our country. If you are looking at the NRA, you are looking at a perp.

How the Dems can deal with the "tax cuts"

Republicans made tax cuts for the people temporary and for corporations permanent. We just tell them we'll reverse that.

If there were no NRA would the Florida shootings have occurred?

It can't be asked much plainer than that.
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