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Dan Conner gets the bad news on the phone.

Rosanne Conner has passed. Tears are shed.

Gifted writers can figure out a way for there to be laughs... I can think of some ways for the show to come back, so I'm sure folks with talent can.

The Valerie show went on without its original star.

Obama made it possible for the Trumpies to think they could afford to be Trumpies.

In the Dubya years, Trumpies soaked themselves in Republicanist lighter fluid and lit a cigarette. Obama put out the fire. That was such a relief to the Trumpies that they felt like a cigarette.

Trumpies never begin their stories with the beginning.

It's like they forgot they voted for Republican leadership example George W. Bush, and they've completely forgotten that Donald Trump is a serial liar and a clown (whom they also voted for). So when they complain that no one believes a thing they say and no one picks up their stories they need to understand why. Their stories don't work unless they can explain how they got from their screw-ups in the past to their certainty in the present.

Who is more masculine? Trump or every player in the NFL?

A man who would put spies in the Trump campaign can't be trusted to lead a country.

Putin should step down.

Hillary has yet to congratulate the man who defeated her in the 2016 election.

Hillary is just being a sore loser. She either needs to call Putin directly or ask someone else to relay her congratulations to Putin. Any of Trump's people can do it.

Tommy Flanagan (R) as Reported by the Media

CNN (Washington)
Mr. Tommy Flanagan (R) tweeted today that he is the spouse of actor Morgan Fairchild. Flanagan offered no evidence to support his claims, merely adding another tweet stating, "That's the ticket!"

Congressman Peter King (R) backed Flanagan. "Tommy and Morgan are incredibly happy together."

When asked if he had actually seen Flanagan and Fairchild together, King said, "I haven't not seen them apart. You know, the fake news should be investigating Hillary Clinton on this."

Fairchild, reached for comment, responded that "...there is no Tommy Flanagan. He's a character in a comedy skit. Come on, guys!" CNN attempted to contact Flanagan, but calls were not immediately returned.


Fox News (Washington)
Mr. Tommy Flanagan (R) revealed his marriage to Morgan Fairchild today. The happy couple has six kids and resides happily in their beachside mansion in Malibu. That is the ticket. -fnord-James Comey cuts the cheese in elevators.-fnord-

Republicans know they have nothing and that's why only they are meeting with the DOJ

It's the only explanation. Nunes and Gowdy know that what they hear won't jibe with what Trump is raving about, so they want to meet without Dems present. That will allow Republicans to spin what they hear to the press to cover Trump without the Dems calling bullshit.

It's just so low. Followers of Republicanism who accept it are to be pitied.

Followers of Republicanism, were you hoping corporate taxes would be cut hugely?

"We're going to cut corporate taxes like you've never seen before." Did Trump say that at all his rallies? I don't think so.

Trump knows it is easy to prey on the gullible.

In an honorable world, the gullible are relatively safe, and good people thrive. It's not a world where people like Trump excel though, so he and his fellow followers of Republicanism have to dirty the world up. The better to feed.

This latest nutty stuff with Trump siccing the DOJ on another nonexistent Obama-ordered conspiracy is yet another example. Trump doesn't believe it himself, but he knows his gullible followers don't really live in a mental world that has functioning laws of probability and good character judgment. Trump doesn't believe Obama would be corrupt or stupid enough to order a politically motivated wiretap or an infiltration of Trump's campaign. But Trump knows the people he has corrupted will believe it.

If there is an infiltrator, Trump knows his goose is cooked. That would mean the FBI has the goods on people in his campaign. Trump's only play then becomes to cry entrapment and political dirty tricks.
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