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North Korea working to conceal key aspects of its nuclear program, U.S. officials say

U.S. intelligence officials, citing newly obtained evidence, have concluded that North Korea does not intend to fully surrender its nuclear stockpile, and instead is considering ways to conceal the number of weapons it has and secret production facilities, according to U.S. officials.

The evidence, collected in the wake of the June 12 summit in Singapore, points to preparations to deceive the United States about the number of nuclear warheads in North Korea’s arsenal as well as the existence of undisclosed facilities used to make fissile material for nuclear bombs, the officials said.

The findings support a new, previously undisclosed Defense Intelligence Agency estimate that North Korea is unlikely to denuclearize.

The assessment stands in stark contrast to President Trump’s exuberant comments following the summit, when he declared on Twitter that “there is no longer a nuclear threat” from North Korea. At a recent rally, he also said he had “great success’’ with Pyongyang.

My take on our NK situation is still on pace. China is suggesting sanctions relief already. NK isn't planning on denuclearizing. It will continue to be in Trump and his followers' best interests to pretend success, despite Trump's unilateral concessions.

I know how we can make the Trumpies like illegal immigrants more.

Get them jobs as Russian agents.

Again, the Supreme Court can't help Republicans

The theft of the Obama Supreme Court seat and the retirement of Kennedy are actually going to settle the abortion issue in favor of choice. Once Roe v. Wade is overturned it's going to be a mad scramble to legalize abortion. Republicans will either support it or be steamrolled. Roe v. Wade protects a woman's right to choose, but it also created crevices in our body politic in which the dumber Republicanist ideas could take root and grow.

A lot of Republicans and other Republicanists are under the mistaken impression that Roe v. Wade is the only thing propping up legal abortion. (The Republican Party encourages this mistaken view.) Once the decision is overturned (and I do think it will be now, unfortunately), Republicans are going to find out that they've drilled past Roe v. Wade, sacrificing their honesty and dignity to clownish Donald Trump, only to find bedrock support for legal abortion about an inch down.

Roe v. Wade, in other words, supports both abortion and Republicanism. Of those two, abortion has backup support in the fact that the culture and business community believe abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. Republicanism, on the other hand, has nothing to replace abortion. Once abortion foes see that Republicanism has shot its wad on overturning Roe v. Wade, and yet abortion continues to be legal, Republicanism is going to lose one of its main support struts.

Pleasant dreams, followers of Republicanism.

It's nothing like you Trumpies think it's gonna be.

Those of you who really are losing so badly in the big game that you feel you have to pick on some people? Yeah, you're going to get a chance to do a little bit of that. It will be like the kids thing you pulled on the southern border. A couple of thousand helpless kids will feel the ultimate fear of separation, and you'll be able to enjoy the intense pain that causes their parents. You'll have "retaliated." You'll have "stood your ground." (All paranoid losers think their attacks are retaliation, by the way. And other types of guys stand their ground well against the helpless, whatever you want to call that kind of guy.)

Then, when it's all said and done, your position will be lost. You have no foundation. You gave it up.

You're gonna be standing there having gotten your way. Your hands will be on the "levers of power." And you'll be cranking them up and down with all your strength. You'll be in the driver's seat stomping on the pedals and lurching the wheel back and forth. About then you'll discover the levers, the pedals, and the wheel don't do anything for assholes and fools (technical terms). You're losing all the control you might have had.

Sometimes, I think it's a sin...

...when they feel like they're winnin' when they're losin' again.


Followers of Republicanism sabotaged the economy under Obama.

Yet it did well.

Then followers of Republicanism, along with the Russians and Jim Comey, put Dubya 2 in office. It looks like Dubya 2 is going to get the country's reputation and economy "up to" Dubya 1 standards (and beyond) much faster than Dubya 1 did. Things are already starting to go the Republicanist version of up again. The asshole de tutti asshole is using the name and money his Dada gave him to dirty us all.

Trump can't do better with our friends than Obama, so he makes doing worse a good thing.

Why didn't anyone think of beating up on friends? What a genius the mouthy little orange clown is!

Obama didn't love tyrants and nutcases, so Trump does and makes it a good thing. Genius!

Trump can't do a good deal (none to date), so he claims his failure is good. He knows his Republicans in Congress are going to fail at reaching an immigration law, so he tells them to give up. When they fail, he'll take credit for the Congress doing his bidding.

Trump can't attract people who cherish honesty and class, so he riles and gulls vulnerable marks into cherishing dishonesty and cheering classlessness.

It's all so easy and obvious. Just like everything dumb that is nothing but trouble.

"Who is this stupid God? This son of a bitch is then really stupid,"

...That's Trump and Trumpie hero Duterte. I point this out not to judge him for blasphemy. I'll leave that to others to decide for themselves. But the guy is a grade A nut job.

It could become a stampede out of the country for manufacturers.

Harley took almost no time. Any manufacturer Europe hits with a tariff would be dumb not to pull up stakes and move at least some production (their entire foreign sales segment of products) out of the United States.

Remember, these American made items Trump is besmirching and making unattractive to foreign buyers are mostly made by corporations. All of them already have their money from the Republican borrowed money giveaway bill. Most importantly, all of them have corporate ethics codes that are "inconsistent" with Trumpism to say the least. If he worked for any major corporation, he would have been fired long ago.

Heck, Dems wanted to penalize corporations for moving production out of the country. Trump probably didn't put that in his Republican borrowed money giveaway bill. Good one. I did a quick check but I couldn't find on the Internet how long Trump and his Republicans are allowing repatriation of foreign profits at low rates. I'm guessing their zipper is probably down there too.

What's better, a Harley Davidson Softail or Donald Trump?

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