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The American Bar Association needs to reopen its review of Kavanaugh's fitness for SCOTUS

According to WaPo, the ABA downgraded Kavanaugh back in 2006 for being too biased among other things. Given Kavanaugh's Thursday performance, it is very clear that he doesn't belong on a court of any kind. If the ABA continues to allow Kavanaugh to skate on a "well qualified" grade despite his obvious meltdown Thursday, their credibility is as toast as his is.

The people who nominated Kavanaugh are the ones who destroyed him.

He melted down on Thursday and showed that he in no way belongs anywhere near a Supreme Court seat. He's a small man. You really see someone's character when they are under pressure. Kavanaugh imploded. He doesn't belong on the court he is on now either.

The people who put Kavanaugh in line for that position are the ones who destroyed him. He should never have been nominated by Trump and his Republicans in the first place.

Kavanaugh vows he won't rest until he finds the guy who sexually assaulted Dr. Blasey Ford.


What size character is the minimum needed to sit on the Supreme Court?

I guess we'll see if Republicans let Kavanaugh walk.

He's fairly obviously guilty of sexual assault and perjury at this point. Kavanaugh wouldn't call for an FBI investigation, and there are three women who say he's really a sexually nasty twit, not just one. It's an easy call. He doesn't belong in any court, much less the Supreme Court.

The Nutty Clown's presser was like watching a low-talent stripper in a church.

Trump's stripping wouldn't pass muster in a respectable strip joint, but in a church he's got the stripping market cornered. His fans are fishing ones out of their wallets and thinking, "That's so hot. Best church stripping ever! Why didn't anyone think of stripping in a church before? It's awesome."

"Ruining Kavanaugh's life..." is just Republican manipulative melodrama.

How does it ruin Kavanaugh's life if he gets voted down and doesn't get to go to the Supreme Court? He just keeps his current job as a U.S. Circuit Court judge, a pretty cushy situation by most people's standards. This "ruining the guy's life" nonsense is just Republicans trying to play on people's heartstrings to sneak a guy onto the court who pretty clearly doesn't belong there. Sorry, but Republican leaders aren't known for their empathy; sneakiness, yes.

Ruining Kavanaugh's life? Please. There are a lot people in this country who are not on the Supreme Court.

"Innocent until proven guilty" has zero to do with it. The American People have "at will" hiring.

The American people can keep Kavanaugh off the court by the simple standard any employer uses for any job. If they don't like his haircut, he can be kept off the court. If they think he likely committed sexual assault and likely lied about it, they can toss him without a second thought. No evidence beyond a reasonable doubt necessary. He serves or doesn't serve at the pleasure of the people. The rules are employer/employee, not state/defendant.

Kavanaugh is trying to sell himself to us as an employee. He is not being charged with a crime or prosecuted. He has rights if that were the case. He has no right to a Supreme Court seat.

Republicans, as usual, want to twist this into the American people having to in some way prove Kavanaugh is guilty by courtroom standards or he gets the job. No, of course not. He doesn't get the job if we say he doesn't get the job. If we don't believe him and we decide Blasey Ford is believable, that's more than enough to toss Kavanaugh.

(Cross-posting this from DU, where I post as gulliver.)

What would be the downside for Collins, Murkowski, or Flake to vote down Kavanaugh?

The Trumpies will throw a fit? That's the downside? Because that's not much of a downside. They all three think the Trumpies need to be pushed back up in their attics and given a rubber band to play with. If Blasey Ford sounds believable, Kavanaugh is going down, and it looks to me like she is going to be very believable.

Suppose you were in Kavanaugh's shoes and were guilty. Would you...?

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