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Build a wall & crime will fall.

Oh my God, this man is such a complete clown, or he thinks his followers are, or both.

If Dems were for open borders they would be for the wall.

The fact that Dems aren't for the wall proves that they want good security results for our tax bucks.

Trump doesn't want the wall either. That's why I think Dems should give him the wall he asked for, in exchange for DACA perhaps. Some people would get work, especially lawyers, and no serious amount of wall would ever be built.

Does allow people to record their politics for the ages?

For example, I'd like to record the fact that I thought Trump was a clownish numbskull and that his presidency reflected poorly on the collective wisdom of the people of our time. I'd also like to note that I was for action on climate change.

Likewise, I would hope that Trump supporters would be able to record their ardent support for Trump and that they deliberately blocked action on climate change.

Our descendents ought to know this kind of thing.

Is it better for an immigrant or a robot to get a job in America?

No robot votes please. Humans only.

Should robots be forced to pay income tax and Social Security?

That would make it easier for people to compete with them. Also, we're going to get to a time where we will have retirees depending on "workers" for Social Security checks. Robot workers won't help with that. Every worker a robot displaces is actually one less to support retirees.

It would be interesting to track the social benefit of robots. Sure, they produce lower cost goods. But since they earn no money, don't eat, don't live anywhere (so they don't participate in the real estate market), don't get haircuts, require no transportation or education, etc., their overall effect might be really, really bad.

It seems to me like robots are conceptually a kind of legal immigrant that requires no naturalization, is not subject to any quotas, and works at low wages (no wages). Also, they aren't human.

Since we know Trump doesn't really think there's a crisis (other than his screw-up)...

...what could Trump be thinking? We know he manufactured a "caravan crisis" to try to keep the Dems from winning the House. Then, the day after he got clobbered, he forgot the "caravan crisis" even existed. This new fake "ultra-crisis" is just the same thing.

Inventing a border crisis that needs a wall is the only way Trump has left to rile his diminishing numbers of followers. He's doing his wall dance to get his people tapping their feet. His song is all a big lie, but it has a beat that (luckily, steadily fewer and fewer) of his Trump worshipers respond to.

If Russia was getting internal polling data from Trump's campaign manager...

...that's not really the team "colluding" with Russia. That's Russia actually being in the Trump campaign. That's what the word "internal" means. I don't think Trump ever said that Russia wasn't part of his campaign team. He just said he wasn't colluding. So perhaps he was technically telling the truth.

Does Trump have equal respect for Trumpie and non-Trumpie working people?

Trump is pulling the "Dr. Trump's Feelgood Elixir" signs into the wagon...

...and looking for the shortest route out of town. The wall may be it.

Open borders lefty's cattle are still grazing peacefully, free of charge, on government land.

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