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Which type of caliphate appeals most to the broken loser community?

And realize, I have a lot of compassion for these types. I just think they're lost. For the most part.

Would you give a kindergartner a power drill and let him play in your garage unattended?

Will Trump's Constitutional scholars show up at the hearings?

Shouldn't they be there to explain their theory that Trump can declare his impeachment unconstitutional? They could at least send a highlighted copy of the Constitution showing where it says that.

Why wouldn't Trump's scholars want to claim their discovery and put their names on it?

Would the SEALs have tossed Gallagher? Did Trump rig the result to save his own face?

What is it with Trump and humiliating our military?

Who is more legitimate, Trump or Hunter Biden?

Hunter Biden and Donald Trump are both blessed/cursed with being a successful man's son. (Maybe that's why Donald is so fixated on Hunter.)

If you had to guess based on what you know about both, which man more legitimately deserves what he has?

Prediction: Roberts picks Constitution over McConnell

Would one of you guys who likes to archive my posts please bookmark the following?

Dems will ask Roberts to compel the testimony of Giuliani, Bolton, Mulvaney and McGahn. Roberts will have the choice of either deciding for himself or passing the decision on to McConnell's Republicans. Roberts knows McConnell's Republicans can overrule him regardless.

Roberts, to protect the Constitution, will then decide to compel the testimony.

Checkmate. Goodbye Trump. No way McConnell overrides Roberts.

Dem on CNN says Schiff should immunize Parnas

Looks like Nunes is going to have some splainin to do. Wow.

Will Barr "summarize" the Horowitz report?

Barr could just do what he did with the Mueller report. Block it. Put out his own summary reversing the significance (high to low for Mueller, low to high for Horowitz).

Hold a press conference to tell the right wing press how to spin the report before giving it to them and to legitimate news outlets.

Then release the report. Let Trump spin it as complete exoneration. (If the Weather Channel reports it raining somewhere, Trump tweets it exonerated him.)

If Roberts can issue subpoenas in the Senate trial, I wouldn't want to be Trump

Republicans can ask for Biden, but Dems can ask for Giuliani. Biden will show up and contrast himself to Trump. Giuliani either will or won't show up. All bad for Trump.

Soon we'll see if the Republicans will make themselves accomplices to Trump

It's looking likely. We may see the Republicans, one by one, making themselves accomplices. They may pretend they are affronted by the Dems impeaching Trump on evidence which they may pretend isn't overwhelming. They may pretend to be only "concerned and disappointed" by Trump's high crimes instead of disgusted and instead of rising to defend their country (as the Dems have done). With their votes, Republicans may fail to safeguard and protect the United States of America and, therefore, may become Trump's accomplices against the country they once called their own, its Constitution, its honor, and their own character.

The country would then, by all rights, in 2020, rid itself of Trump and his Republican Party accomplices from, not just the presidency, but every elective office. It won't be like draining the swamp; it will be like flushing the toilet.
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