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The 80's

If we made it past this, surely the future is bright!

Life just when you think you have made it...despite all the odds past this....

It hands you this!

You just curl up into a little ball and it safe to come out yet?

It ain't fair man, it ain't fair! ya know?

Best and worst trick an educator ever played on you?

For me it was in a course in an engineering discipline my 3rd year where the entire grade depended on 3 exams.

The delivery was timely announced at the end of the 2nd exam, and delivered at the end of the class period on a Friday where it was demanded that all scrap paper (this is before the time of calculators) would be collected, and points would be deducted where units were not included in calculations.

Fortunately the next Monday we were given two different grades (on answers and on work), and only the one on answers counted.

A hell of a lesson on the importance of, accuracy and precision, and a lot of work for someone willing to teach us the difference. As well as about being about as dirty a thing to do as it this day i remember it (not fondly, but with respect).

Netflix, what should i be watching?

They tend to yank my favorite shows at a whim, what is current in the drama, comedy and other departments?

I tend to like britcoms and the old lady shows.

I watched orange is the new black and only cracked a smile at the end of the last episode of season 2 (it was a long and smug smile though, worth the wait) and that is being passed off as a semi-humorous show.

What are you watching and what do you think is worth me watching?

I am currently watching the Borgias, but horrified that they did not find at least one intern to point out the anachronisms.

What would happen if women were just people?

Capable of their own emotions and thoughts.....
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