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Are you ready for when the US becomes a 3rd world nation?

More and more financial experts are beginning to report on what many have known for a long time; that the US has crossed a point of no return and is racing towards a financial collapse not seen in this nation before.

Pelosi threatens to shut the govt. down

Rep. Nancy Pelosi was just heard on national news to threaten to shut down the govt. unless the majority party in the house passes a bill that is to her liking.

So now the shoe is on th eother foot and the dems show their colors--do it my way or we will shut down the country.

Obamacare Architect admits public was duped

6 years later we find out conservatives right after all!!!!

While Obamacare has helped many get insurance far more will be hurt by the lies spun to sell this to the American public.

California forces churches to fund elective abortions.

The liberal media was silent on this usurpation of rights.
The far left once again trashing the constitution and taking away rights from those who dare disagree with them.

you love exaggeration don't you

I watch Fox and no tone of the talking heads there said ALL ILLEGAL immigrants (remember they are crossing the border illegally thus making them illegal immigrants), are gang members, terrorists or carrying ebola- they have asked how many?

Since last November over 250,000 crossed our border illegally- only about 65,000 are kids. So what about the 185,000 adults?

If you want I can post for you the violent crime stats from border states and how the bulk of them are from illegals.

Right wing folks are not against immigration or hispanic immigration- they are against ILLEGAL immigration.

We also complain more about te black on black murder taking lace in chicago every week an Ferguson case. There appears to be no evidence that the cop was a racist so we do not know if it was racially motivated. If it is proven (you know our country does hold to innocent until proven guilty not just Al Sharptons say so) it wasn't a "righteous shoot" then yes the officer should be convicted and the proper penalties meted out.

Can the people protest? Absolutely- I can't say if the blacks in Ferguson have been held back by racism recently, I don't live there.

But looting and burning down others businesses? If they catch these perps they should be forced to repay for the cost of rebuilding the businesses they burned down and restore what they stole- that is not protesting, that is just theft and criminal behavior.

Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years, but when that rabbi was shot in Florida you didn't see them riot and burn things down and steal from their neighbors.

two autopsies

show conclusively that Brown had no rear entrance wounds. The wounds in the backside of him are all exit and not entrance wounds.

Hamas finally admits it kidnapped and killed the three Israeli teens in June.

And they admitted they did it with the purpose of starting trouble. Well they got what they wanted!
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