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Watching Obamas News Conference

I am wondering how he can keep a straight face with all the goofiness he preaches when he gets behind a microphone.

1. He says that Congress needs to pass a sensible budget and that neither side cannot get all they want. Both sides need to compromise! OK. Congress wanted to give you a CR without PP in it, and you threatened to shut down govt. with your veto pen.

2. He said we can't cut our way to prosperity. Well we didn't spend our way into prosperity either! $10,000,000,000,000 in new debt and we have fewer middle class jobs than when he started.

3. He cut the deficit by more than half!! Yes he did! They were his deficits and he still hasn't brought a year in under Bush's highest deficit outside of the great recession year.

4. He wants to dramatically raise taxes on the rich He has forgotten the words of one of the democratic heroes.
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