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million student march

When we get some of the elite teachers to teach for free, get builders to build for free, and all the way down the line fine! Otherwise these spoiled overprivilieged little brats need to get back to class and do some real learning instead of getting freaked out over a halloween costume after watching a scream movie!

Student leader suggests 1st Amendment should go on campus.

So they get to swear and shout down staff and disrupt learning for everyone else, but when its directed at them? Not so much! I be their parents are so happy they went into debt by thousands of $ so they little darlings can be taught the ways of Marx.

Though this is old news, it is still relevant.

This is why many people of goodwill have opposed the Obama administration. One thing about Obama, He has worked hard to keep his word and radically transform America. Into a Soviet style Socialistic country.

Obama adds over $450 billion in new debt in 8 days

Once again, candidate Obama called Bush' debt unpatriotic. Is there a word available to call Obamas debt?? Even treasonous seems mild.

Interesting truths about the "Land of Palestine".

Having just returned from a ten day trip to Israel and Palestinian controlled territory, I felt the need to post about who really has a "legal" right to the land we all call Palestine!

According to the San Remo Convention, the Balfour Declaration, and the British Mandate, the land known as Palestine was to be set a side as a national homeland for Israel. This was also confirmed not only by the Former League of Nations, but also by the executive Council of the UN. They were also forbidden by these laws passed to sell, lease, or give away any of this land to any other power!

There is no entity known as the "Palestinian " people legally!

They share no common language, history, currency, etc. Even Arafat in establishing the PLO Charter declared that Palestinians are defined as: "those people living in the land of Palestine, prior to the Zionist invasion." Even if this were to be the accepted definition of defining a "Palestinian", It would include: Arabs, Kurds. Druze, and Jews!!!

Reading the International News while there, the Muslims are now trying to argue that Israel never had a temple on temple mount!!!

In Israel those who live there live in peace. regardless of their ethnicity. There is no discrimination to speak of(Except of course from the most extreme sects of Judaism)

Anyone can own property, hold a job, buy and sell. any Palestinian can hold Israeli citizenship if they choose to do so and tens of thousands do. There is a waiting list of people in the Palestinian controlled territories of Palestinians wishing to emigrate to Israel. Israel is a bigger melting pot than the US. There are Israeli citizens from all over the world and all religious persuasions. In the IDF, there are many many Arab Israelis who are soldiers walking around with loaded M-16's

However it is a different story in Palestine. You will not find a synagogue. If you sell or lease property to a Jew, it is the death penalty. Once we crossed into the controlled territories we were met by a life size poster of a girl holding an AK47- with the caption "Remember the struggle, death to all Jews."

I knew our media has been painting a false picture of Israel, but I did not realize how enormously wrong the picture is until I went and saw things for myself.
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