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turning the tables

So as a result of the RFRA's coming in to the forefront of the news it appears a huge backlash against them is growing across the country.

All the over 25 state passed RFRAs do not sanction discrimination against ANYBODY in normal commerce.nor do they sanction discrimination in day to day life. These laws just allow religious people the right to a religious defense in court when confronted with a situation where they may be forced to act against their well established long held sincere beliefs and where the state does not have a compelling interest to override their religious beliefs (like human sacrifice as an extreme example)

But the anti Christian terrorists are not content , they want to crush this with death threats against pizza shops and nation wide boycotts.

Sure sounds to me like the anti Christian terrorists are gearing up for a kristallnacht like action against Christians, not for trying to exclude people from everyday living or wholesale discrimiination against anyone, but for just wanting to uphold their religious beliefs.
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