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The Evil Koch Brothers at it again!!!!!

Csan you believe the Chutzpah of these two brothers ???? How does this country put up with their rank vileness????

The NY Post reported yesterday they are busy again in America. After all the press they have gotten for how evilly they have spent their wealth you would think they would slink away and stop trying to buy America! But NOOO!! They have to go and do it again .

Can you imagine the nerve of them giving $150,000,000 to the Sloan-Kettering Hospital to build a cancer ward to help cure cancer???? I mean enough is enough already! They already gave $125,000,000 to another hospital to fight cancer, when will enough be enough of trying to buy cancer????

For those wondering the facts are real but the reporting style is intentional sarcasm.

Now if George Soros and tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg on the left would do the same.
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