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FLASH: In a sharply divided jury decision

A jury hands down a decision to hide one of my threads.!!!

Dateline- somewhere in the USA!

In a 4-3 decision a discussionist jury voted to hide a thread I created. While I freely admit it was designed to be over the top, it was the very same Alinsky tactics that are habitually used to demonize any right of thinking in the country today.

In using rules 5-8 and 12 from the very left of center Saul Alinsky, I intentionally used the same tactic of many on these threads to attack those on the right, by showing the sins of the left. I guess I stepped on some left feet to o hard.

As for me- I would prefer spirited, intense and even heated debate and discussion and go after the merits of positions. But many prefer to demonize and vilify, and I have become determined to fight fire with fire until Those who hate anything right, Conservative and Christian decide to back down some.

There are so many sins on both sides of the spectrum that it can be listed time and time again. I may get hidden a few more times, but if it is sauce for the goose, it is also sauce for the gander!!!

Lou Holz commencement speech at Steubenville Powerful and funny

interesting mini videos

You can watch the more complex research for these at their website.
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