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Truer words never spoken

Our Culture has accepted two huge lies.

1.If you disagree with someones lifestyle you must hate or fear them.

2. To love someone means you must agree with everything they believe or do.

Both are nonsense.

No one ever has to compromise convictions to be compassionate.

From Rick Warren.

Who are these Evil Koch brothers

the left has spent tons of paper and digital ink in demonizing the Koch brothers. but who exactly are they?

Some facts about the Kochs

While the Koch family has been making substantial donations to criminal justice reform organizations for nearly a decade, most recently the Kochs headed a bipartisan resolution to make more serious leaps to reform. Included in these are aims at eliminating overcriminalization and overincarceration, which generally harms low-income and minority communities, as well as reducing recidivism rates, diminishing barriers faced by the rehabilitated seeking employment, and law enforcement's asset forfeiture to deprive the incarcerated of property

Former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC's Morning Joe, has pointed out that, although their critics are usually unaware of the fact, the Koch brothers have supported more than just what are generally considered conservative causes. They opposed George W. Bush on many issues, are pro-choice, support same sex marriage, and had worked closely with the Obama White House for the Obama administration's criminal justice reform initiatives that aligned with their own

Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation
The Koch family foundations began in 1953 with the establishment of the Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation. The Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation was established to support non-profits in Kansas focusing on "arts, environmental stewardship, human services, enablement of at-risk youth, and education" through the funding of diversity programs at Kansas State University; the program Youth Entrepreneurs, a high-school level entrepreneurial and business program; the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, which develops programs to enhance the schools' history curricula; and the Bill of Rights Institute, an organization that holds seminars and workshops for teachers and administrators to provide "educational resources on America’s Founding documents and principles" to enhance the learning experience for students. The Foundation's environmental aid includes support for science education, and donations to organizations such as The Nature Conservancy to help preserve the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, as well as the creation of the Koch Wetlands Exhibit in the Cheyenne Bottoms wetlands in Kansas

In 2014, Koch Industries Inc. and the Charles Koch Foundation granted $25 million to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). In protest of the Kochs, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, a major labor union, ended its annual $50,000–$60,000 support for the UNC

David H. Koch Charitable Foundation
David H. Koch established the David H. Koch Charitable Foundation. The David H. Koch Charitable Foundation has funded cancer research and a number of arts and science organizations, including the American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the American Museum of Natural History. An open letter to museums from 36 members of the scientific community demanded that the Smithsonian and other museums cut any ties with the Kochs, because of worries that they would remove information on climate change. The Smithsonian countered by stating both exhibits in question did examine in great detail the impacts of climate change. The Koch Foundation responded they "have pledged or contributed more than $1.2 billion dollars to educational institutions and cultural institutions, cancer research, medical centers, and to assist public policy organizations.”

David Koch donated $35 million in 2012 to the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum and $20 million to the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Joe Romm of ThinkProgress stated “David Koch did not personally intervene to affect the exhibit”. David Koch is a member of the board of trustees of the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington.

The David H. Koch Charitable Foundation is a significant funder of Americans for Prosperity. David H. Koch chairs the board of directors of the associated AFP Foundation

so why are they so evil again? Because they are conservative? Because they doubt man is the major culprit in global warming? So much hate from the left for so little!



My hope and prayer is that you remember Him whom this day was designated for in America.

He died on Good Friday to pay the penalty of our sin and rose again from the dead this day so many years ago to make us perfect in the sight of His Father.

Hope your day is simply grand!

25 Pictures That Show That Good Cops Actually Do Exist

Sorry I had to to do the multi posts. THE DEVIL (SATANICA) MADE ME DO IT!!!

8 Stories of Cops Being Absolutely Awesome in 2015

12 Acts of Kindness From Police Officers

6 Astonishingly Heroic Acts of Police Officers

10 amazing photos that’ll make you proud to be a cop

Obama busted in Clinton email cover-up

From Horn News:

id President Barack Obama’s administration intentionally help hide some of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s aides emails from public record?

Some critics are claiming that the Obama administration couldn’t have just misplaced nearly 100,000 emails and documents from a Clinton aide they claimed they couldn’t find — until a lawsuit seemed to jog their memory.

And it looks like hiding emails and documents that should be public record has become a pattern for the Obama administration.

The website Gawker sued the State Department last year after it claimed it couldn’t find any emails that Philippe Reines, an aide to Clinton and former deputy assistant secretary of state, had sent to journalists. After the lawsuit, the agency said it suddenly discovered 90,000 documents about correspondence between Reines and reporters.

In one email, Reines wrote to a reporter, “I want to avoid FOIA,” referring to the common acronym for Freedom of Information Act requests.

In fact, when it comes to providing government records the public is asking to see in just about any case, the Obama administration set a historic record for “losing track” of them in 2015.

In the final figures released during Obama’s presidency, the U.S. government set a record last year for the number of times federal employees claimed to citizens, journalists and others that despite searching they couldn’t find a single page of files requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

In more than one in six cases, or 129,825 times, government searchers said they came up empty-handed, according to a new Associated Press analysis.

Under the Obama administration in 2015, the FBI couldn’t find any records in 39 percent of cases, or 5,168 times. The Environmental Protection Agency regional office that oversees New York and New Jersey couldn’t find anything 58 percent of the time. U.S. Customs and Border Protection couldn’t find anything in 34 percent of cases.

“It’s incredibly unfortunate when someone waits months, or perhaps years, to get a response to their request — only to be told that the agency can’t find anything,” said Adam Marshall, an attorney with the Washington-based Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.

When the government says it can’t find records, it rarely provides detailed descriptions about how it searched for them — or whether it really searched for them at all. Under the law, federal employees are required to make a reasonable search, but in many cases they seem to be making deliberate efforts to not find files.

“They do really crappy searches,” said Washington lawyer Kel McClanahan of National Security Counselors Inc., which handles transparency and national security cases. He lost a federal appeals case in November on behalf of a U.S. citizen, Sharif Mobley, trying to obtain U.S. records that might show why he has been imprisoned in Yemen since 2010. The court said the FBI wasn’t required to search for files in locations and ways Mobley’s lawyers wanted.

Under the records law, citizens and foreigners can — in theory — compel the U.S. government to turn over copies of federal records for zero or little cost. Anyone who seeks information through the law is generally supposed to get it unless disclosure would hurt national security, violate personal privacy or expose business secrets or confidential decision-making in certain areas.

Overall, the Obama administration censored materials it turned over or fully denied access to them in a record 596,095 cases, or 77 percent of all requests, including in cases linked to Clinton’s email scandal.

The Obama pledge of transparancy in action!

What an amazing week!

My church just held our annual missions conference and what an amazing week! We bring in (at our expense) missionaries and organizations that we support to share what has been happening in their work. This year we had foreign fields give video reports and focused on local organizations we support and work with.

1.Springfield Rescue Mission- Local Shelter that also hands out clothes, school supplies and brings meals to the very low income areas, as well as open meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Takes in homeless men and helps them over addictions, get a GED if necessary, help find a job, and shelter, and even have worked to reconcile families!

2. Hope for Kids- Group that goes to homeless hotel shelters and holds meeting for the kids, feed them, works with educational needs, teach them respect and love, field trips and sports and crafts. Loads of families have come to Christ through the work done with the kids.

3. Pregnancy care Center-- Works with single moms who opted not to abort their babies. Helps them get needed medical care, GED's, clothing and baby supplies, apartments where needed, legal help if battered or needing support, post birth care, jobs, and day care provisions and counseling.

Last night we honored all the organizations with $1,000 checks (above and beyond our monthly support), give bags of items from a wish list we had them turn in and members of the church went out and bought for them, and today we take them shopping where the adults get to spend $300 and the kids $100 on themselves.

It is humbling to see these folks sacrifice much, live with near poverty wages, but are so happy and then see the results in all the lives changed and people who turn to Christ .
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