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Watching the two faced dems on Fox!

While they were the biggest cheerleaders of Obamas deficits of $10,000,000,000,000, now that they lost power they have become deficit hawks! And why? Not because they care about federal debt- but that it robs the govt. of power over the proletariat!

Pelosi and Lie-a-watha Warren may not get a new dacha and Zil limo this year!

The one reason why I know that the tax reform bill is good for all America!

Lying Chuck Schumer has warned Republicans that if they pass this, it will hurt them in the elections! That piece of refuse wants the GOP top lose control, so he can have the gavel that Lying Harry Reid had!!!!!

Looks like the left is going to taker a huge fall.

Congress is contemplating contempt charges against DOJ and the FBI for refusal to release the fabricated Trump Dossier

Looks like they do not want the real truth to see the light of day.

Science the bible declared before "scientists" discovered it.

God's Word once again more accurate than mans knowledge.
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