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Tried to watch a full night of PMSNBC but couldn't!

The entire night- not one piece of news that wasn't Trump!

These people are so stupid that most of their stuff was debunked by WAPO and the NYT which are solidly anti trump papers!

So many lies, so many innuendos, so many what ifs and maybes and hints!

My favorite was a watergate prosecutor who declared that what is going on now with the memo is the most dangerous things in the history of the US. Then she declared she doesn't have a clue as to what is in the memo!

Maddow wailing over how Trump is watergating all the top investigators! Well I know she is reaching out to dems who have a low ability to connect things- but if these guys know anything wrong- they can still be subpoenaed to testify of what they know!!!!!

Doe sanyone have strong antidepressants?? NO wonder dems are always so mad and depressed!

The rest of the story you will never see published!

Experimentation was done to find "mitochondrial eve.

2 methodologies were uses.

One assuming that man and chimp had a common ancestor. Information was fed into a computer and datres of between 157,000 to 500,000 years was spit out!

The second experiment used only human mitochondrial DNA trace from the 134 lineages through 327 generations. This was not computerized to gain a result but empirical data from mDNA itself! The result? Man is only about 6,500 years old. Of course theories were rushed out to counter these empirical results- but aren't theories supposed to be tested to see if they are valid and not just rushed out????

Is there a simple experiment that can be done whereby actual empirical data can be used to disprove creationist theories on the origin of life? (Young Earth) Yes there is!

If we can show that the human race arose much earlier than 4000 B.C - the rough date given by 'Young Earth' Creationists, and similar to 200,000 B.C. - the date estimated using the evolutionary timescale, then we have effectively disproven creationism. Similarly, if the empirical evidence fits the 4000 B.C. date, then the theory of evolution could be easliy refuted.

Using Mitochondrial DNA - which is passed down from mother to child only, a date of around 200,000 years was given for the age of humanity - the age of the 'Mitochodrial Eve' - the very first human.

However, this date was built mostly on assumptions of the evolutionary time-scale and many dates given by biologists vary.

A great way to know for certain the age of humanity would be to find empirical evidence, in the shape of the mutation rate for mitochondrial DNA.
For example, by comparing the mitochondrial DNA of a man who died 500 years ago with a 20th century man (who are connected by the same Mitochondrial DNA lineage), we would have a definate mutation rate in order to accurately date the age of 'Mitochondrial Eve'. This evidence would also be a perfect way to empirically refute the 'Young Earth' creation theory.

Recently, scientists have conducted this experiment. The results were published in 'Nature Genetics': "The rate and pattern of sequence substitutions in the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) control region (CR) is of central importance to studies of human evolution and to forensic identity testing. Here, we report a direct measurement of the intergenerational substitution rate in the human CR. We compared DNA sequences of two CR hypervariable segments from close maternal relatives, from 134 independent mtDNA lineages spanning 327 generational events.

Ten subsitutions were observed, resulting in an empirical rate of 1/33 generations, or 2.5/site/Myr. This is roughly twenty-fold higher than estimates derived from phylogenetic analyses.

This disparity cannot be accounted for simply by substitutions at mutational hot spots, suggesting additional factors that produce the discrepancy between very near-term and long-term apparent rates of sequence divergence. The data also indicate that extremely rapid segregation of CR sequence variants between generations is common in humans, with a very small mtDNA bottleneck.

These results have implications for forensic applications and studies of human evolution." Parsons, Thomas J. 'A high observed substitution rate in the human mitochondrial DNA control region', Nature Genetics vol. 15, April 1997, pp. 363-367.
So the mutation rate is significantly higher than expected, but what date would this give? "The observed substitution rate reported here is very high compared to rates inferred from evolutionary studies. A wide range of CR substitution rates have been derived from phylogenetic studies, spanning roughly 0.025-0.26/site/Myr, including confidence intervals. A study yielding one of the faster estimates gave the substitution rate of the CR hypervariable regions as 0.118 +- 0.031/site/Myr.

Assuming a generation time of 20 years, this corresponds to ~1/600 generations and an age for the mtDNA MRCA of 133,000 y.a. Thus, our observation of the substitution rate, 2.5/site/Myr, is roughly 20-fold higher than would be predicted from phylogenetic analyses.

Using our empirical rate to calibrate the mtDNA molecular clock would result in an age of the mtDNA MRCA of only ~6,500 y.a., clearly incompatible with the known age of modern humans.
Even acknowledging that the MRCA of mtDNA may be younger than the MRCA of modern humans, it remains implausible to explain the known geographic distribution of mtDNA sequence variation by human migration that occurred only in the last ~6,500 years. " Parsons, Thomas J. --'A high observed substitution rate in the human mitochondrial DNA control region', Nature Genetics vol. 15, April 1997, pp. 363-367.

Another scientist comments: "Mitochondrial DNA appears to mutate much faster than expected, prompting new DNA forensics procedures and raising troubling questions about the dating of evolutionary events. ...

Regardless of the cause, evolutionists are most concerned about the effect of a faster mutation rate. For example, researchers have calculated that "mitochondrial Eve"--the woman whose mtDNA was ancestral to that in all living people--lived 100,000 to 200,000 years ago in Africa. Using the new clock, she would be a mere 6000 years old." Ann Gibbons, "Mitochondrial Eve: Wounded, But Not Dead Yet", Science, Vol. 257, 14 August 1992, p. 873.

So the empirical results, which were expected to back up the evolutionary time-scale, have actually refuted it. Not suprisingly, most scientists have tried to sidestep this evidence and come up with theories to explain it.

It's not often in the origins debate, with all it's estimates, bias and assumptions that we get to use empirical evidence like this, so when the evidence strongly supports the creationist theory, you have got to take notice.

Mitochondrial Eve is, however, not likely to be the biblical Eve. This Eve was probably part of an existing population, and merely the female that all of us can trace our ancestry back to, rather then the mother of ALL living. This is due to an extreme bottleneck in human history, which happened, according to the above data in the last 6000 years.

This fits perfectly with the biblical story of the flood, where one family would survive to repopulate the world. The mitochondrial mother is likely therefore to be Noah's wife***

Notice that these results were published by non creation scientists in non creation publications!

I love unbiased science.

MSNBC is such a joke!

Watching some uneducated talking head going through the litany of many past presidents granting illegal kids getting amnesty! All the more reason for a wall and ending chain migration!

Since Reagan we have been granting amnesty to those who entered this country criminally! Millions have been given amnesty and the Dems have always promised to make sure we end the problem of illegal immigration!

Well we know the Dems wouldn't recognize truth if it slipped into bed with them so we need to make a stand!

We should not hurt these kids unless we send the whole illegal family home! build the wall- install teh technology hire more border guards and then deal with dreamers- not dreamers first! we have done that for over 30 years and watched the snake democrat party slither away from their "promises."

CLUB FED needs to make more room.

Loretta Lynch loses records
Hillary destroys 33,000 subpoenaed e-mails
FBI loses 5 months worth of texts from adulterer Strozk and his lover!

The Inspector Generals from both the FBI and the DOJ now in full investigation!

We could see alot of Democrat hacks spend some serious time in Club Fed!!

Trump should adopt a scorched earth policy with the Dems.

As soon as McConnell recesses the Senate- fill all of the empty federal slots that need senate approval with recess appts. Loads of conservative judges to undue many of the baffoonish ruling of the 9th circus appeals court.

Speeded up video of the march for life crowd size!

There is hope for our nation still! 60,000,000 since 1973 is enough!

Listening to Chuck Schumer live!

Boy he sounds slicker and slimier and more duplicitous than the snake in the garden!

Scumers bi-partisan compromise:

1. full amnesty for dreamers
2. Keep chain migration
3. visa lottery stays
4. 2 billion for the wall.

Bi Partisan? 2 Rinos and 4 dems is not bi-partisan. give me 25-25 and yes that is real bi partisan.

What the left has forgotten about immigration.

With the left swooning with faux sadness over protecting dreamers and wanting to keep chain migration, the visa lottery and preventing this country from securing its borders, and calling Trump anti-immigrant:

They forget that Dem presidents FDR, Harry S. Truman and JFK had closed the borders to all immigrants! We had closed borders for over 30 years!

I gotta hand it to the Democrats.

These master marxists have far better Commissars of propaganda than even hitler and Stalin had!

when they were the majorities during the shutdowns marxist after marxist went to the microphones to say how the minority was holding hostage the American people.

Now when they are the minority they work with their allies in the press to turn it all around!

But the State of the Union is coming and many Dems will boycott to try to keep the lies they spread have a sense of crdibility.

The only way the nation will not found out of the grandiose hypocrisy of the left is if the marxist media decides not to air the state of the union. I am now expecrting that of several stations given their intense hatred of Trump.

Also given the lefts history of violence in protesting- I can see armed insurrection in this country happening! the leftist media has abandoned all restraint and are in full bore hate Trump and how he needs to be removed! And the leftis buying it!

The sad thing is, the dreamers come March will end up getting the boot because of SChumer and Durbin and their willingness to shut down the govt over a something that still has six weeks to go!. Trump wants a compassionate solution for DACA- just not tied to the budget but as part of an overall immigration plan.

Schumer coould have gotten all the dreamers protected if he didn't hold the budget hostage. Now he will see most of theose dreamers booted for his theatrics. Democrats-People are just pawns to them.

Sad Anniversary approaching

We are approaching the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Since the Supreme court made this ruling we have seen teh murder of nearly 60,000,000 unborn children in America!

When the left speak of the horrors of war or Hitler or Stalin- this fact that they are glad is the law of the land is a reminder of the hypocrisy of their positions. what is supposed to be the safest place on earth is now the greatest killing field.
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