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I wonder how the left will attack Trump for honoring Bob Dole

for 50 years of service to America!

What is really sad is that we now are forced to live in a climate where one side of the aisle is constantly dive bombing a president!

What is apple doing? they aren't supposed to do this under Trump!

Apple announced today they are repatriating 1/4 trillion dollars back to America for investing and hiring!

Poor Poor Krugman. All his nobel prize predictions about a trumpian economy are fizzling!

Will the Govt. Shutdown?

McConnell should regrow that spine he had to get Gorsuch on SCOTUS and declare that the budget resolution only needs 50 votes!

If the Dems want to play brinkmanship- show them the brink and make them more irrelevant!

Then on immigration reform- pass a reasonable DACA bill and build the wall, end the lottery and end most of chain migration- keep it to immediate family (mom, dad and siblings alone!) Everyone else apply and wait your turn!

Everyone else here illegally- one month to turn your self in, pay some fines and receive temporary status or go back home. Every one who doesn't register and pay the fine- go back to your countries that are not ****holes.

Not even leftist Senators know the truth!

Dem Senator Cory Booker lashes out at a member of Trumps cabinet saying the president called people from countries that alleged slur.

Maybe he should have watched the Marxist news networks here so he could have learned that if Trump said that it was about how terrible those nations are and not the people.

Trump was declared sane by his doctor- maybe the left needs a cognitive exam before they are allowed to speak again!

Trump Derangement Syndrome clouds great news!

The left and the MSM and even Fox now are engrossed with anything that slimes Trump that they keep overlooking great news.

The stock market has grown so much that many state pension funds are being replenished with cash that the politicians promised but could never deliver!

The markets have grown $5,000,000,000,000 since Trump was elected which works out to $15,385 for every man woman and child in America!

54% of Americans are invested either directly or indirectly in the market!

Companies are hiring, giving raises and bonuses, companies are coming back to America.

I hope Trump keeps doing this kind of lousy job til 2020 then bring on Nikki Haley!!!!
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