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To all here:

The most joyous and blessed Christmas!

May the One who is the reason for the season find room in the Inn of your heart!

As we approach the day set aside to celebrate the birth of the Savior:

Let us remember that Angels announced Good news! Jesus was and is the God-man who came down to die to redeem us! Jesus is the reason for the season!

May all here have a joyous blessed Christmas!

Dems say Trump thinks nothing of himself!

3.5 % unemployment

more jobs available than those seeking them

in a global recession we have the strongest economy

winning trade wars

building a wall to halt illegals from illegally crossing our border

rebuilt military

unentangling ourselves form decades long conflicts!

Imagine what more we would have if he htought of the country!

Why are the Republicans so stupid?

The Dems keep pulling Trump saying He had absolute authority out of context (He was talking about his ability to fire Mueller if he chose) and not one republican have corrected them and put it back in its context. This is very troubling!

I have to give Shumer credit!

Listening to him try to justify letting Democrats call whoever they want in the Senate when his fellow snakes in the house did the exact opposite is amazingly smooth! Hypocritical to the max, but smooth!

But I believe that there should be loads of other witnesses.

Alexandra Chalupa
Steele, Hunter
Sleepy JOe
Kerry's son

And all the other cast of characters that created the false evidence to try to nail Trumpfor false crimes!

These law professors flunked political science.

1st. I love the fact the Dem lawyer refused to call on Turley at all even when the lawyer said he would elicit the opinion of all on the panel! The dude is intentionally rude!

2nd When did we become a democracy? Last I knew we still are supposed to be a Republic!

3rd. I wonder if the Dems will take to heart their far left leaning experts who said that we cannot allow non citizens (illegal aliens) the right to participate in our elections.

4th. I love that all this is based on peoples "opinions" and not hard evidence! Asking for a favor now constitutes bribery and allowing interference in our elections! There was no threatening of withholding aid or anything when Trump asked for a favor for Zelensky to look into the still open corruption probe that included Biden.

How come the left never quotes Zelensky when he said there was no bribery, corruption of election or quid pro quo?????

I personally can't wait for next November. the only thing that remains ot be answered is the depth of the loss the left is going to experience for this foolishness!

The l;eft loves to scream at big business, big pharma etc.

But who they should be really screaming at is big govt. and the skyrocketing costs everytime they get involved in a n area of life!

Take for example healthcare and colleges.

In 2000 the avge cost for each was $5.5K for health and $11.9K for college.

Today with big govt. helping the avge citizen costs are:$11.5K for health and $24.6K for college.

The govt. should go back and obey the constitution and stay out of things that the constitution does not list for it to do!


Well when they can't deny it anymore they make a weak announcement!

We are entering into a grand solar minimum and we are going to see famine expand as cold weather destroys more and more crops as well as disease and flooding!

This harvest year alone, our corn crop is down almost 25% Soy 16% and wheat over 12%. Prices across the board are going to start to rise in teh coming year as the effects of this harvest from hell reaches the consumer level.

Greece saw over 40% of their olive crops destroyed.
Europe close to 60% of their stone fruit crop destrpyed.
40% of canadas canola crop is now snowbound!
China lost over 1/3 of their grain crops due to army worms, floods and cold as well as 33% of their pigs.

Time to stock now to avoid sticker shock later.

Well we finally have the charge for Impeachment

Shiffless in his impeachment inquisition has finally told everybody the charge!

He wouldn't grant Zelinsky a white house meeting unless he looked into eh 2016 DNC hiring foreigners to interfere in our election.

No law broken, no statue bent no illegalities but shiffless considers it high crimes and misdemeanors!

Then he concludes his Spanish Inquisition by talking about Mueller and the joke Trump said that Russia should go get Hillary's 33,000 emails!

Course when the senate trial happens and Biden gets called there will be lots to discuss!!!!!

What is the next thing the dems will say is Trumps Crime?

1. First Russian Collusion (debunked)
2. Obstruction of Justice (debunked)
3. Russian Agent (debunked)
4. Quid pro quo (trashed)
5. Bribery (trashed)
6. Obstruction (going to be trashed)
7. New-- Holding aid to an ally! (presidential perogative)

So for our leftists here- what will be next to spend millions on to try to defeat Trump in 2020???
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