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The Party of Tolerance:

> Talk about a screwed up party!
> 1. Cory Booker says he wants to punch the president.
> 2. Joe Biden says he wants to beat up the president.
> 3. Maxine Waters says to get in Republicans' faces out in public.
> 4. Jimmy Kimmel and other late night hosts joke about assasinating the president.
> 5. Snoop Dog makes a video of a fake assasination of the president.
> 6. Kathy Griffin poses with a severed bloody head of the president.
> 7. Johnny Depp jokes about assasinating the President.
> 8. Madonna says she wants to blow up the White House.
> 9. Black Lives Matter chants they want dead cops and fry 'em like bacon.
> 10. Antifa routinely assaults conservatives.
> 11. AOC calls our border agents Nazi's and refuses to condemn violence against them.
> 12. The so-called "Squad" supports terrorists of Palestine and Hamas and routinely spews anti semitic rhetoric.
> 13. Congress refuses to call out Ilhan Omar for making anti semitic remarks.
> 14. Rashida Tlaib calls the president a motherf**ker.
> Yet Trump is the one inciting hatred and violence?
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