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Going to make a prediction!

Within 16 months national martial law will have to be declared to quell the vast destruction, riots, and assaults on people that will take place.

Due to the politicians on the left trying and convicting Trump on international news, making him guilty without so much as even a kangaroo court, calling bible believing Christians bad parents, calling the right fascists and Nazis
Having senile folks like Maxine Waters telling people and getting national news to report her telling people to harass people of the right, delegimatizing SCOTUS when they rule against them etc.etc.etc. they have fomented a level of civil unrest not seen since the 60's an d 70's.

When Trump does not get removed from office or when he gets reelected or possibly even when he replaces Ginsberg when she retires, I expect massive violence and harm against many people.

Our Republic is ending badly- the left in their unbelievable hypocrisy of pretending to defend the constitution from Trump are creating the climate for a revolution!

I am glad that I do not have many more seasons left on earth. I would hate to have to live under the goosestepping black boots of the socialist Democrat PArty with their gestapo spying on every American!

If I were Trump.

I would pass no continuing resolution at the end of the fiscal year on 9/30.

I would go on national TV and radio and tell all Americans that congresses highest duty is to pass annual budgets so they can go the Senate and the president to make law!

I also would say that if they want to impeach me- that is their privilege, but I will fight it tooth and nail and show these lies for what they are. But First they must conduct the business of the people. They enact budgets so I await to sign a budget and not a continuing resolution!

I also would ask all Americans to call their congressmen and women and to tell them to get busy on the peoples business before they go on heir impeachment tangent!

I would list all the charges they have laid against me- say I am innocent and most people know and none fall into such a grave threat as to distract congress form their primary duties.
Let them pass a budget and I will gladly sit and watch their monkey trial!

We are witnessing the collapse of our Republic.

The henny penny hysterical leftist politicians are finding all sorts of non existent boogey men in the unredacted phone call!

I will not be surprised if the left now asks for all phone calls the president makes, as well as all messages sent. They have set a new and very dangerous precedent.

OUrt divided nation just got more divided thanks to the insane and psychotic hatred the left has against Trump!

I was not a believer in it, but more and more that Trump prophecy seems to be a real piece of prophecy!

Dems have made clear their major and near only platform- Impeach Trump!

Never mind health care, education communism- it is now just full blown get rid of Trump!

Even Shep Smith is becoming a bigger scumbag than Rachel Madcow!

Things that make you go HMMM?

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