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I give Trump slight credit for NK

Manly because he hired McMaster and I trust McMaster.

When the guy speaks, I believe it and he speaks very well. Direct, strong, leaves some in the tank though and you can tell he means it.

Whoever suggested him to Trump made a good move. I like him.

The Comey testimony will be nothing

Whenever there is this much hype, usually nothing happens.

Especially when he already told us what he was going to say.

Mandatory Minimums

Her emotion is perhaps unsurprising. The grandmother of three faces between five and 40 years in prison for conspiracy to distribute 5 or more grams of methamphetamine. That's the size of a packet of sugar.

What is surprising -- almost stunning -- is the emotion coming from the bench. Bennett is about to sentence Rice for a crime that she admits committing, one for which she believes she deserves punishment. It's the severity of the punishment that has her and her family flabbergasted -- and the judge frustrated.

Bennett seems exasperated, exhausted almost, as he explains he must sentence Rice to a full five years -- the mandatory minimum required by law. It is a sentence he deems unjust, too much for a low-level addict, just for being caught with a certain weight of drugs.

Bennett makes sure the record reflects he felt strongly enough to request that Iowa's US Attorney consider waiving the mandatory minimum. He accepts the defense mitigation that Rice had never been in trouble before she was in her 50s, when she began drinking heavily after a bad divorce and was introduced to meth.


Pretty rough seeing a drug addict get 5 years, meaning we the tax payers shoulder her.

A 6 month in patient rehab would be cheaper.

IVF retrieval tomorrow

My wife and I are doing IVF and a surrogate to have a baby. Tomorrow they'll retrieve her eggs and implant my sperm. In a few days they'll do testing on the eggs and then freeze them.

I'm very excited.

We thought we had a surrogate lined up but she wanted to go to school and not be pregnant hampering her studies. It was heartbreaking but next week we start looking again.

Total costs:
13k fertility
5k egg testing
4k future cost of implanting
9k surrogacy agency
3k lawyers
50-60k surrogate costs.
3-5k random costs

About 90k for a kid. Surrogates only charge 30-40k but you have to also pay for their lost wages, child care and other stuff which adds another 10-20k.

Insurance will not cover any of ours because we aren't infertile. My wife has medical issues that causes her to be unable to physically carry the child to birth. Even if we were infertile, insurance wouldn't really cover much more.

Disregarding politics, it is nice to finally get the process started for children. My wife is being crazy emotional -- sad, depressed -- but I'm super happy. We'll likely have 2-3 more children and I think we will adopt at least one.

Even though tomorrow is just the embryo process, I feel like it is birth tomorrow. I'm happy.

First real migraine in about 20 years


Ouch ouch.

Haven't had them like this since I was under 16. Crying, screaming, laying on floor of bathroom, making sure no light gets in.

Luckily as an adult I can take 4 Excedrin, 1mg klonopin and 5mg of Vicodin. About 90 minutes later, I'm in pain but not excruciating, vomiting pain. I don't normally take medication like that, but boy am I glad we had it or this would've lasted much longer.

That was rough. I think it's due to my astigmatism. Time to see an ophthalmologist again and likely start with the glasses again.

Anybody else get them that bad? Usually when people say they get migraines, I assume they just get bad headaches. I don't hear too many getting them as extreme as I did back in the day or I did today.

Trumps base might be leaving him

But he has been gaining points with me.

Personally, I'm pretty hawkish and I think Trump has been making good moves militarily. I think we've been a bit weaker than wet should for a while and Trumps messages have been effective in my opinion.

Also Nikki Hailey is a beast (in a good way).

Rex Tillerson doesn't seem very good at his noon but I like McMaster.

Everything else Trump has done has been a failure, but I think his military policy is spot on. I'll thanking McMaster primarily.

Did Trump label China as a currency manipulator?

Wasn't that a campaign promise he could do without congress?

Leasing and Discounts

I'm looking to purchase a new vehicle. I was recently made aware that it is likely a better financial move for me to lease the vehicle, then purchase it afterwards. Primarily because there is a tax incentive for business leasing as opposed to financing the vehicle, which it will be used about 90% business for.

I've never leased a vehicle before.

I went to the dealership and started negotiating on price and got about 7k off a 63k vehicle. Afterwards we start talking payment and I stated I wanted to lease.

Then the manager said that if I lease, he can't give me any off the vehicle and then started trying to strong-arm into purchasing/finance.

I decided to leave and do my homework and from what I've found, there are SOME discounts that only work on purchase/finance, but most should be fine on leasing and that I did everything right...negotiate price first, then discuss payment, then discuss lease terms.

They were seriously trying to get me to not lease the vehicle and really really hard-selling the finance. My credit is 740, I qualify for dealer or 3rd party financing. I've been pre-qualified for any loan around 2% interest rate.

Does this sound right? That he can't give me any off if I lease instead of finance?

Netflixing Agents of Shield

So good.

Taken me about a year to get to season 3.

I got the flu this week and have been able to binge.

I'm enjoying it very much.

Starting to use the ignore feature

I only had one or two people on ignore up until today.

Now I'm just going to ignore the trolls and the socks. Also ignoring the posters that don't continue to any discussion.

Who on earth has enough time to do what they do?

It's one thing to have different views, what's going on here is just weird.
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