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Trump LIE of the DAY--My rally brought in 10 thousand people with long

lines watching on screens.


Yeah, that's just another fucking lie by the fucking liar-in-chief.

From the El Paso Times, which was on scene, "a fire department spokesman said 6,500 people were inside the venue and denied any special accommodations were made (outside the venue)."

Reporter violently attacked at Trump rally

quote A supporter of US President Donald Trump has attacked a BBC cameraman at a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas.

Sporting a Make America Great Again cap, the man shoved and swore at the BBC's Ron Skeans and other news crews before being pulled away. unquote


You MAGA people must be so proud. This is the kind of behavior Trump brings out in his Trumpanzees.

Trump's Trade War equals Record Bankrupcies for Farmers

A wave of bankruptcies is sweeping the U.S. Farm Belt as trade disputes add pain to the low commodity prices that have been grinding down American farmers for years.

Throughout much of the Midwest, U.S. farmers are filing for chapter 12 bankruptcy protection at levels not seen for at least a decade, a Wall Street Journal review of federal data shows.

Bankruptcies in three regions covering major farm states last year rose to the highest level in at least 10 years. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, had double the bankruptcies in 2018 compared with 2008. In the Eighth Circuit, which includes states from North Dakota to Arkansas, bankruptcies swelled 96%. The 10th Circuit, which covers Kansas and other states, last year had 59% more bankruptcies than a decade earlier.

States in those circuits accounted for nearly half of all sales of U.S. farm products in 2017, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data. (UNQUOTE)

Farmers, you totally EARNED this. This is what you get when you vote for a POS Con Man.

Trump approval stuck at 40 percent

Bloomberg claims Trump tax cuts increase the deficit

One of the most easily disproved claims Trump made about his tax cut plan is that it wouldn’t swell the budget deficit: As a share of gross domestic product, the deficit rose to 4 percent in October, up from 3.4 percent in October 2017 and 2.6 percent in October 2016.

And so does Deutsche Bank.

Things that make you go "hmmm . . . " Why didn't the Republican House pay down the debt

for the two years Republicans had all three branches of gov't?

Trump Administration "loses" 1500 immigrant children

Thank God, he didn't lose some e-mails, like Hillary.

Amiright, Cons?

The Lost Children of the Trump Administration
Why can’t the government account for how many children it separated from their parents at the border?

Trump's tax cut saved us several thousand dollars this year.

As expected, Trump's tax cuts benefited my spouse and me this year. We have no mortgage interest and live in a low tax state. We are not small biz owners who have a lot of deductions like vehicle costs etc.

Our overall tax rate fell by 3.5 points.

Still, it's blowing up the national debt, folks. If we don't pay it down now, somebody else will have to in the future.

Here's your Liar-in-Chief lie of the day

Trump promises people covered under his health care plan “can expect to have great health care. It will be in a much simplified form. Much less expensive and much better.”

Yeah, where is that plan? It never happened. Fuckin' liar.

Why the Wall can never be built--it's the money, stupid

Trump is no match for Border Barons

If President Donald Trump ever gets the funding for his long-promised wall, he will have to plot a course through Texas. But he will never make it all the way through here, the 800-mile stretch from Laredo to nearly El Paso. There will be no “concrete structure from sea to sea,” as the president once pledged. Taking this land would constitute an assault on private property and require a veritable army of lawyers, who, I can assure you, are no match for the state’s powerful border barons.

. . .

Starting in 2006, when Congress passed the Secure Fence Act, the federal government used eminent domain to seize these plots and put up barriers, as high as 18 feet. More than 345 condemnation suits by the federal government resulted in a strip of land 128 miles long, according to a 2017 investigation by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune. Yet dozens of cases are still tied up in court, and settlements have been wildly unequal: A retired schoolteacher got $21,500 for two acres; a lawyer and banker who hired one of the state’s biggest law firms got nearly $5 million for just six acres.

The cost has been staggering. The most recent 33 miles in the valley have set back taxpayers $641 million, or $19.4 million a mile, for a hodgepodge of fences, vehicle barriers, and some bollard fencing—with lots of gaps. And no one can really say, definitively, whether this project is worthwhile. To date, no federal agency has systematically audited what all the barriers cost and what, if any, effect they’ve had.


Do the math. 20 million dollars a mile x 800 miles (just the distance from Laredo to El Paso) would cost 16,000,000,000 16 billion

The 5-7 billion the pResident wants (it changes from day to day) doesn't begin to cover it.
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