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Oh lookie.... Democrat ideas coming back to bite them in the ass

All of a sudden because this is a woman statue which is apparently a very rare thing they suddenly express frustration with it being taken down.

This is truly sad ...

From our fav sister site :

61. Just don't understand it?

Why women do not want to vote for a woman candidate, especially the first-time ever that our country would might have a woman POTUS!

What happened to voting for a candidate who you thought was trustworthy and would do a good job vs "omg its a woman we HAVE to vote for her just because!" Of the two I would much rather take my chances with Sanders on the Democrat side, and Cruz or possibly Trump (if he would just stick to telling it like it is and lose the batshit crazy things) on the Republican side. As an independent who crosses lines to vote for one party or another depending on how I feel who will do the better job, my mind is still not made up as who can stir the pot the most.

Trump has said some crazy things the last few weeks that turn me off. Cruz needs to drop the religious pandering because some of us are really tired of bible thumping. Hillary should stop pandering to the mood of the moment and come clean about a lot of things or her trustworthy element will never rise -- what I believe is costing her the "coronation", and Bernie needs to get a grasp at reality as to what we can afford as a country out of what he wants to do. Taxing the hell out of the rich only is not the answer.

In other words ... all of these candidates suck, some more than others. This is truly the best we could come up with? I just am not feeling the bern, turning directions in the wind, praising Jesus he sent the candidate we prayed for, or combing over my hair while viewing a wall.

Surely I am not the only one that feels like this this election cycle. I certainly am not going to vote for a woman just because she is a woman.


I just love our idiot of a chief justice .... :)

I would love to know how this idiot got back into office after being thrown out on his ass once already .... wait I know!

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore says he's concerned that the recognition of same-sex marriages will lead to the recognition of marriages with multiple partners or marriages within a family.

Moore spoke out Tuesday after sending a letter to the governor saying a ruling by a federal judge in favor of a same-sex couple in Mobile is not binding on Alabama's probate judges. He says he's encouraged by the Alabama Probate Judges Association advising probate judges to refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Speaking of voter ID laws in another thread ...

Ok here is a question I have wanted to ask people on DU for quite a long time and I am probably going to open up a huge can of worms. But I have to ask.

Exactly what is the problem with showing your ID to vote?

Lets just think about a few of the numerous things you have to show ID for, well at least around here.

Credit Card / Check usage (moreso in FL than anywhere)
Alcohol / Drugs (even OTC not just RX) / certain chemicals
Buying weapons / guns
Getting into certain places based on your age
When you get pulled over

Just a few off the top of my head. As far as I can remember I have had to show my ID to vote so they can match and mark my name off of a list that is kept at the polling place. I have zero problem doing such because as far as I can see it (should, barring corrupt poll workers) prevent multiple votes being cast from the same person.

So someone enlighten me. Why is it racist/discrimitory/other. This is not the 1960s, nobody gives a damn whether <insert minority here> votes or if they dont. What people do care about are people voting multiple times.

People dont have ID you say? I would love to know who these people are. Exactly who, in 2014, does not have at least one form of an acceptable ID for a voting place. Those that do not, should be entitled to a state ID at no cost to them. Then what is the problem? If they are too bothered to get a taxpayer paid for photo ID from the state they live in, most likely they are pissing away their right to vote anyways. If they cant get to the ID place, they cant get to the voting booth either. And before you say "but there will be caravans to drive them to the voting place" why can't there be caravans to get them a photo ID? I mean this should only have to be done one or 2 election cycles, as new voters will be informed of the ID requirement when they register to vote.

I mean it should shut both sides up about the whole "people are voting 2,3,4! times" deal.

Please enlighten me. How is is racist/discrimination/whatever when everybody has to do it? I am open minded to discussion. This is just my opinion of things. Make me see exactly why I am wrong in thinking you should have to show your ID for something as important as voting.
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