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Redonkulas - Women in combat.

Okay, there are some images in the first minute and a half or so, but he also explains why they are, fair warning is given.

This is about as fair and researched a take on women in combat as you are going to find. Simple facts can tell you that generally speaking, it is a very bad idea. What would be an even worse idea is to lower the standards so that more women can be in combat.

The Question Only You Can Answer:

And the tastiest bits:

“The end result, which we want to avoid, is the concentration camp. The gulag. The gas chamber. The Spanish Inquisition. All of those things. If you are in a death camp, no one would fault you for resisting. But when you’re being herded towards the gas chamber, naked and seventy pounds below your healthy weight, it’s too late. You have no chance. On the other hand, no one would support you if you started an armed rebellion because the government posts speed limits on open roads and arrests people for speeding. So when was it not too late, but also not too early?”

“A woman’s confronted by a big, strong, stranger. She doesn’t know what he’s planning, and she’s cautious. Getting away from him’s not possible. They’re in a room and he’s standing in front of the only way out, or she’s in a wheelchair—whatever. Leaving the area’s not an option.

“How do you spot the precise point where a society is standing at the back of the van and the State has the handcuffs out?”

This is a fair enough question.

A monument to victims of progressivism

This monument in Prague is for the victims of progressivism (what the communists said they were doing). Notice how each step up, each progress, he is left more and more shattered, until at last he has no head and more significantly, no torso.

However, just like a good cinematic monster, communism and progressivism didn't die. At least no one found a corpse. Look at how anything masculine is pathologized by progressivists and feminists as agressive and inherently bad. It's the same monster. It's just found a way to make itself appealing to a large segment of western women and more than a few disaffected minorities in America.

UVA Rape Victim not actually raped. Anna Merlan, feminist, calls it a bad day.

The mounting evidence shows that "Jackie" likely was not raped. To a rational mind, this is cause for relief. An alleged horrific gang rape that involved nine men and featured the alleged victim being force to lay on broken glass as she was raped, seems not to have happened. Personally, a day where no one hurts anyone else, much less commits sexual assault would seem to be good day.

Rational and Anna Merlan, feminist journalist, apparently have not ever met. It is a horror that "Jackie" was not raped. In fact, it's a "bad day" that no gang rape seems to have occurred.

This a bad and shitty day, and it'll remain bad and shitty for a long time. - Anna Merlan

Rape culture is nothing more than a meme being used to paint all men as rapists and justify laws that no moral person can honestly support.

Feminists admit their 1 in 5 statistic is a gross distortion; now claim the number is 1 in 3.

They even have the government of Quebec saying as much. As Goebbels said, the bigger the lie, the easier it is for people to believe it.

Those enterprising Quebecois feminists have even set up a Facebook page where women can anonymously (engage in a witch hunt) make accusations against men. They place being slapped on the butt as the same level as penetrative rape, claiming that it is the gravity of the event is in the mind of the victim. Attempts to point out that fallacy are viewed as supporting the patriarchy and the rape culture.

They even manage to blame the patriarchy for lesbian rape in one ain't that some shit.

Two House of Commons members (Liberals) have been accused anonymously and pretty boy, son of Pierre Trudeau, and current leader of the Liberals Justin Trudeau suspended them pending an investigation. Read that again. They have effectively been punished based on unproven anonymous claims, until what? This is presumed guilt. Whatever happened to presumed innocence? The benefit of the doubt does not belong to the accuser.

The best information available indicates that half or more of all rapes reported to the authorities are either unfounded or false. What is the likelihood of an anonymous posting of such on the web being true?

(Yes it's in French, I was practicing last night and came across this.)
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