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Was this rape?

Look, I'm a guy. A pretty standard straight guy in fact. Now there have been a lot of posts about what is and is not rape and it basically seems to boil down to, if she decides after the fact that it was rape, then it was rape.

To those that think the above, I ask if this below was rape.

I was in the Army. I was sitting outside drinking one Friday afternoon after work minding my own business shooting the shit with my friends. My girlfriend was out of town this particular weekend.

A female soldier who was quite well known for her exploits in the barracks came over and proceeded to sit in my lap. I forced her off and told her that nothing was going to happen between us and that she needed to go away. We actually had several more conversations as the evening progressed that all amounted to me telling her that I had no desire to even tolerate her presence, much less anything else.

At some point, I lost my memory of the evening. My friends later told me that I started for my room and she followed close behind me with no encouragement from me.

I woke up the next morning with evidence on me that a sexual act had transpired and she was laying beside me. I shoved her out of the bed and told her to get lost. She later bragged to my friends that she had been able to sleep with me. Like I said, I don't remember it and I know I could not have consented. Was I raped, or was I just an idiot for getting too drunk?
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