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Feminism, family courts, and paternity fraud.

Carnell Alexander isn't a father. The mother of the adult woman that told the state of Michigan that he was admits this. She committed paternity fraud, but unlike Mr. Alexander, she will never be made by the state of Michigan to suffer any penalty for it.

Mr. Alexander isn't a wealthy man, or even a comfortable one. He has been poor and indigent most of the time. He has approximately an eighth grade education. He knew nothing of any child for years until a police officer informed him that he was a deadbeat dad, thousands in arrears, at a traffic stop. He was in jail when a process server fraudulently claimed that he had refused to sign for papers.

When he started trying to rectify the situation, he was not able to find the mother, she had falsified her address to the court. Yet, who does the judge single out and attack? The process server for fraud? The mother for paternity fraud? Nope, the judge attacks him. Outraged that he didn't file the case in a timely manner when he could not have. This is an injustice.

These decisions rendered by the family court system, that are supposedly fair, strip a non-custodial parent of professional licenses, strip away their right to travel internationally, and even jail them if they become unable to pay their bond, and the law does not care whether or not the man is the father of the child, or if he even knows about legal processes.

You will never see NOW, or any other feminist, reach out to help this man who has been defrauded and destroyed by one woman's abuse of the legal system. Legislatures have attempted to pass legislation to give relief to men in this condition and to tighten up paternity fraud laws. Feminists have lobbied and blocked these bills from passing or being signed into law.

Under Obamacare...

Under Obamacare, people up to the age of 28 are now infantalized and now, as adults, can remain on their parents health insurance policies. Read this carefully...An adult, that can vote, be drafted into the armed forces, is allowed to consume alcohol legally, and should be on their own is now codified by the state to not be responsible for their own welfare. Said another way, the state, taking the view of liberals, now views these people as children, unable to care for themselves.

Where does this lead? State governments in the United States have already started passing legislation enforcing child support orders against men for young adults, not children, that are attending college. That is preposterous after all 18 year olds are adults, except now parts of the law say they aren't, but here we are in 2015. Will the state start enforcing lifelong child support orders? What I mean is will men be forced to pay child support for adult children that have long since started their own careers. It has happened with a court order in Spain. Their has been such an order in the United States.

An eighteen year old is either an adult or they are not. Either they should have franchise, or they should not be given the vote. I doubt liberals will even bother to understand the nature of the problem they create.

Where fat acceptance leads us

Those are supposed to be dancers, or some form of entertainment. I guess they are, in the same way that you can't take your eyes off of a wreck as you pass by. My question is who is going to fork out $65 to watch this.

I could even get into the societal costs of fat acceptance. Even the cost to the person, in terms of health problems and quality of life lost. I know people have excuses for why they are fat... It all ends up being the same. Control the amount of and what type of food is going in your mouth. Get up and burn as much or more calories than you take in, and you will lose weight. Every single time. It works.

Before anyone gets their dander up, I have to watch my weight and exercise or I blow up like a balloon. I will even spot that there is something wrong with American food. I never even attempt to control my weight when I am out of country and still lose a few pounds.
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