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Micheal Moore on the election.

I don't know if he is correct on the outcome, but I believe he is correct in his analysis. He isn't someone I usually agree with at all.

3D Printing Spider Robots

Three-dimensional printing has long had a serious limitation: You can’t make an object larger than the print bed. Consequently, 3-D printers for large-scale objects have taken up a lot of space and required a lot of heavy machinery to move the nozzle around.

Taking a cue from nature, technicians at Siemens may have solved the problem. Instead of building a bigger, better 3-D printer, the company has designed compact “spider robots” that work together to weave large objects seemingly from thin air.

Creating a 3-D printing spider robot was just the first step. The Siemens team needed to come up with a way to make 3-D printing faster. Large-scale printing can be maddeningly slow. Autonomous teams of robots, however, can divide and conquer the construction of a large object by focusing on different areas of the structure. Building on the popular open-source Robot Operating System (ROS), the Siemens R&D group wrote code empowering the robots to make their own optimal decisions about how to print the object.

That means the spiders don’t need special reprogramming as they move on to new construction jobs. This could make building a large-scale object as simple as uploading a request to a central server, as the robots themselves decide how many are needed to complete the task efficiently and which sections of the object each will build.

I wonder what all of this will mean for our descendants in 100 years or so. A lot of things coming soon would seem to make even long term space travel a real option.

Venezuela’s Collapse: Horror Beyond Belief

When Matt O’Brien updated his previous article on the slow-motion collapse of Venezuela on Monday for the Washington Post, he reviewed the symptoms achingly familiar to those following the events: the collapse of oil prices; the incompetence of the cronies running the state-owned oil company (former Marxist Hugo Chávez replaced the workers who knew what they were doing with political cronies who didn’t); the inflation of the currency followed as night follows day, with price controls to mask the resulting inflation; inflation, as measured by the black market’s pricing of the Venezuelan bolivar, causing the bolivar to lose more than 90 percent of its value in just two years; the empty supermarket shelves; the oppression by police of those standing in long lines to purchase whatever might be left in those stores; and on and on. As O’Brien lamented:

left Venezuela’s supermarkets without enough food, its breweries without enough hops to make beer, and its factories without enough pulp to produce toilet paper.

And then he added: “It’s only going to get worse.”

Unfortunately, it already has. Starvation is leading to staggering rises in infant mortality, and prison riots are leading to cannibalism.

I wish I could bring more of it over as it is well worth the read. This is what socialism is. This is what it ends up looking like every time it is tried. Why do leftists keep going back to this?

Asia & Pacific Duterte renounces U.S., declares Philippines will embrace China

On Wednesday, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said it was “time to say goodbye” to the United States. So on Thursday, he said a cheery hello to China.

In meetings that followed months of anti-U.S. rhetoric, Duterte and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, met at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, promising to move from bitter fighting to close friendship.

Lest the message be lost, Duterte later announced his country’s economic and military “separation” from the United States in a speech to business executives in Beijing, drawing applause from the crowd.

Beijing’s top brass, meanwhile, get to court a cornerstone player in the U.S. rebalance to Asia, showing neighbors that it pays handsomely to play nice with China.

This is what eight years of Obama-Clinton-Kerry foreign policy has succeeded in. Russia and China are picking off former allies one by one. Terrorism may as well be the state religion in some Islamic countries.

The trash that sounds good in Georgetown doesn't work in the real world. We may well be forced into isolationism due to Obama and Clinton's myriad foreign policy failures.

New DOD regulations confirm that OPSEC doesn't apply to everyone

THE PENTAGON — The Department of Defense is set to release new security rules later this week, making it clear that consequences for violations don’t apply equally to everyone, sources say. The revisions will make explicit what has until recently been an informal system that occasionally treated powerful people the same as peons, and, more rarely, sometimes failed to bring the wrath of God down on regular people acting out of conscience.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says that things “get complicated” when high-level individuals start mishandling, or even deliberately leaking information to the public.

“Snowden was just a civilian analyst, and Manning was an Army private,” Carter noted. “They didn’t have a chance. Manning had the right idea, becoming a woman and all, but she did it after she was convicted, so the victim angle didn’t do her any favors. If she’d done it before she’d probably already have a book deal and a job at MSNBC.”

Clinton’s use of an insecure, private server for Top Secret emails, and a complete lack of accountability, forced the Pentagon and the White House to finally address accusations that high ranking individuals are treated differently when it comes to standards for handling classified information.

Yep, can't have royalty suffering the fate of peons.

Feminists destroy public property because: Oppression...or something.

NEW YORK CITY- Members of the feminist group “Radical Feminists of America” performed a series of orchestrated raids in public buildings, smashing urinals with sledgehammers at random locations in New York City.

Or, as more properly stated, criminals commit thousands of dollars worth of damage to public buildings in New York City.

The group seems to have targeted buildings that have not yet installed gender-neutral restrooms. Witnesses say they heard loud “animal-like screeching” and the sounds of shattered porcelain as the activists battered the urinals and spray-painted “End Sadomasochism NOW” on the walls.

Yep, animals, and no more intelligence than an animal. Over gender neutral bathrooms. They are stupid. As far as to others sexual preference, I don't think it is any of their business.

“We the women of America will no longer tolerate male bigotry, especially through the method of genderizing restrooms, just like they had colorized restrooms during the first half of the twentieth century. Men need to know that their reign in this world is OVER and we will show no mercy towards our enemy. These private rooms with urinals, which we call ‘oppression rooms,’ are nothing more than a pedestal that men have created to worship their phallic tools of hate and destruction. These shrines to men’s egos must be destroyed if we are going to move beyond Stone Age male chauvinism!”

This is the competition? Brain dead vegetables in the hospital have more sense than this woman. It's a urinal lady. It makes it easier for most guys to hit and reduces splash out. How is it "oppression!" for a man to urinate standing up? Will they be held accountable? This is the 21st century, they claim to be women, so no, they won't be made to face criminal charges or pay restitution, it's about equality, or something.

Big Red pleaded that the women of America should all be doing their part to end a corrupt and unjust system created by an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, as well as the instilling of false man-made inferiority in women.

Tell ya what Big Red, I have 3 antennas over 300 ft tall each that I am going to climb for work this week. A ladder, not an escalator, not stairs, I will be pulling about 70 pounds worth of equipment with me up each of them. Let's see if we are equal, in just one area.

Jessica Ladd wants to crowd source lynch mobs

Go ahead, watch this. I'll wait...

Okay, this is pure tripe. How many cases of women being drugged are there in a given year? Hannah got drunk. Maybe the guy was also drunk. If they were both intoxicated, how am I supposed to determine who raped who? The first example is lousy.

1 in 5 women are raped in their college career? Stop just stop. That number comes directly from Jessica's rectum. How does she arrive at the number of less than 10% if she has no real number to work with, it could be 0, it could be infinity, she fails utterly to prove her case. Also, if it takes 11 months to report, it probably wasn't rape, and either way, critical evidence is permanently lost. Only 6% spend time in prison because our system works on this nasty little thing called proof and evidence beyond reasonable doubt, it's why you can't wait 11 months and hope for anything.

If 20% of women were raped in college they wouldn't go. They wouldn't go out alone. They certainly wouldn't be going to parties where all of this alleged rape takes place.

You want to deter assault? Teach the possible victims to maintain situational awareness and avoid issues before they arise. Teach young women methods to defend themselves in the case their awareness fails, and allow them to have the means to do so. Teach them that they must report any event as soon as possible so that evidence can be collected that may result in a conviction. The real problem here is that the numbers are both manufactured and unknowable.

Then, the shit gets scary. A website to report assaults? What could possible go wrong? Leave evidence collection law enforcement to people that are actually trained to do that. Now, what is being set up is a situation where women could gang up on a man and send reports, ruin an innocent man's reputation with absolutely no evidence. She is setting up digital lynch mobs. People like this are truly scary.

Okay, feminists. Here is one you haven't suggested. There is a rape epidemic on college campuses you say? 20% you say? Okay. I can drop the number to 0. I can do it tomorrow, or nearly enough. We will strictly segregate college campuses. Women will not be allowed on men's campuses. Men will not be allowed on women's campuses. Problem solved. As far as all these other stupid genders you idiots are coming up with? You go an innie? Go to the female's campus. You got an outtie? Go to the men's campus.

Another one of Obama's sons!

Here is the kicker at 1:48

"You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood, You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view."

Here's a concept....Get a job.

Beat down asked for, beat down delivered.

First two minutes or so is the action.

Feminist thinks Leonardo Dicaprio is miserable and will die alone.

Wow, just wow! The level of projection required here would require an entirely new level of technology to capture.

For at the age of 41, Leonardo DiCaprio has become Hollywood’s number one toxic bachelor, its biggest lothario and most wretchedly dedicated modeliser.

Someone sounds a little jealous. Leo knows what he brings to the table. Who can blame him?

His carnal appetite seems to be incorrigible, his taste in women immutable. His famous preference is for box-fresh blondes aged 25 and under — usually lingerie models, but any random glamourpuss will do at a pinch. He replaces this much-loved prototype as frequently as some men change their socks.

Damn Skippy. It's sort of like he knows how dangerous modern marriage is for a guy like him. Might as well just rotate the stock every few months to keep things fresh.

And why not? Our boy is unattached and at a loose end after ending a six-month relationship with girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach. Their break-up came shortly before the blonde swimsuit model celebrated her 26th birthday. Coincidence or strategy?

Your damn straight, why not.

His recent parade of pretties has included the actress Blake Lively, assorted Victoria’s Secret models and an 18-month relationship with German model Toni Garrn. In between these frangible attachments he is seen posing on yachts or lying on white sand beaches in St Barts, surrounded by a harem of beautiful women vying for his attention.

Ah, yes, I know just how miserable I'd be laying on my private beach, beside my private yacht, having young beautiful models literally throwing themselves at my feet. I could make it a little more miserable, you know a good drink and maybe a great cigar, absolute misery, I tell, ya!

Anyway, there is more, and yes, it's all this good. is a picture of Ms. Moir.
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