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Feminist thinks Leonardo Dicaprio is miserable and will die alone.

Wow, just wow! The level of projection required here would require an entirely new level of technology to capture.

For at the age of 41, Leonardo DiCaprio has become Hollywood’s number one toxic bachelor, its biggest lothario and most wretchedly dedicated modeliser.

Someone sounds a little jealous. Leo knows what he brings to the table. Who can blame him?

His carnal appetite seems to be incorrigible, his taste in women immutable. His famous preference is for box-fresh blondes aged 25 and under — usually lingerie models, but any random glamourpuss will do at a pinch. He replaces this much-loved prototype as frequently as some men change their socks.

Damn Skippy. It's sort of like he knows how dangerous modern marriage is for a guy like him. Might as well just rotate the stock every few months to keep things fresh.

And why not? Our boy is unattached and at a loose end after ending a six-month relationship with girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach. Their break-up came shortly before the blonde swimsuit model celebrated her 26th birthday. Coincidence or strategy?

Your damn straight, why not.

His recent parade of pretties has included the actress Blake Lively, assorted Victoria’s Secret models and an 18-month relationship with German model Toni Garrn. In between these frangible attachments he is seen posing on yachts or lying on white sand beaches in St Barts, surrounded by a harem of beautiful women vying for his attention.

Ah, yes, I know just how miserable I'd be laying on my private beach, beside my private yacht, having young beautiful models literally throwing themselves at my feet. I could make it a little more miserable, you know a good drink and maybe a great cigar, absolute misery, I tell, ya!

Anyway, there is more, and yes, it's all this good. is a picture of Ms. Moir.

Canada's NDP, the No Due Process Party.

A Facebook rant by New Democratic Party MP Charlie Angus is drawing attention from across Canada after he criticized how the alleged victims of former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi are being treated during the high-profile trial, claiming the justice system “continues to fail women.”

Yes, imagine that, a court might want to consider the credibility of a witness.

The first witness, who cannot be named due to a publication ban, said in court that Ghomeshi had a “bright yellow car that looked like a Beetle.” Upon cross-examination, Ghomeshi’s lawyer Marie Henein pointed out that the former radio host did not own the yellow Volkswagen Beetle until months after the alleged attack.

Which, one would think is kind of important.

Even though the MP said he had known Ghomeshi “casually,” Angus ended his rant saying “that nobody close to Jian even pretends he is innocent, and somehow this isn’t an issue — the women are.”

No, the credibility of the claims are, which is as it should be. Are feminists really so willing to ditch hundreds of years of english jurisprudence and begin convicting people upon their mere accusation? I don't think that is a place anyone should want to go.

Charlie Angus
February 10 at 7:07pm ·
I have known Jian Ghomeshi casually for 25 plus years. What did I learn from the trial? 1) That a woman who remembers being beaten is not considered credible because she didn't know the make of his car. 2) That famous people can afford lawyers known as "Hannibal Lecter" for their ability to take sexual assault witnesses apart. 3) That Jian won't bother to refute any of the charges because as some law expert says: "There are many reasons why an accused elects not to call evidence. One of them is that the complainants have been destroyed in cross-examination.'' 4) That Jian flourished as a predator in what should have been the safest organization in the country and that the legal system continues to fail women and 5) that nobody close to Jian even pretends he is innocent, and somehow this isn't an issue -- the women are.

False rape, biased investigation net young man enough to buy a house, leaves reputation battered.

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Montana will pay a former University of Montana quarterback $245,000 to drop his claims that school officials mishandled a rape investigation against him that drew national attention, according to a settlement agreement approved Tuesday.

The settlement approved Tuesday lists 11 claims made by Johnson, including violations of due process and his civil rights, along with sexual discrimination, negligence and destroying evidence. The payment to Johnson will be made by the state Department of Administration's Risk Management and Tort Defense Division.

Too bad he didn't end up owning the university. Anyone that is willing to look at the case in an unbiased manner can tell that this young man was completely innocent of the charge. The university was reckless and negligent, at a minimum. It didn't stop his name from being trampled by the national media and you sure as hell won't hear them saying that the young man didn't do what the breathlessly reported on about "alleged" activity.

Why should a career politician with such a poor record be elected.

Bernie Sanders has sponsored three, count them up, three bills that became law through congress. Twenty-five years of work for three bills, and two of them were the same bill in both houses of congress to rename a post office building.

That isn't a proven track record of success. That is a man that doesn't like to work very hard and enjoys the DC cocktail circuit. It also reveals a record of not being able to build any sort of coalition for signature legislation.

Further he has a career missed vote rate of 4.1%, much higher than the average congressional rate of 1.7%

Further he has never owned a business or even held a job where production was expected. He was in fact destitute and chronically on the brink of homelessness until he convinced people to elect him mayor of Burlington. Friends from that time have stated:

"The electricity was turned off a lot," Barnett said. "I remember him running an extension cord down to the basement. He couldn't pay his bills."

He worked some as a carpenter, although "he was a shitty carpenter," Bloch told me. "His carpentry," Morrisseau said, "was not going to support him, and didn't."

"Virtually unemployed," said Nelson, the political science professor at the University of Vermont.

How can such a man have any idea what the needs of businesses in America are? His one life goal has been to increase his position on the government dole.

There are other candidates on either side that are far more accomplished and more likely to act in the necessary interests of the American people than him. I don't have a candidate yet, but I can tell this man is almost even more of a charlatan than the capering fool we have in the office now.
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