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Why scientists finding water on mars is blatant misogyny

First of all let’s go down the list of why the field of ‘science’ is a tool of white-cis, capitalist patriarchy: 1) the STEM fields are almost purely dominated by white men despite the fact that we have been rallying and trying to get our sisters of color in there for DECADES. 2) The scientific community as a whole pretty much only researches men’s problems, breast cancer research has fallen to the wayside almost entirely. 3) All the MEN in this field fail to acknowledge the fact that they are privileged and don’t deserve the wages they’re earning

The obvious choice of the STEM community to pick Mars, the MALE planet (women are from Venus) should be disgusting enough. Why not Venus, huh, why didn’t these misogynist assholes go look for water on Venus? I’ll tell you why, sisters, pure misogyny.
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