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Venezuelans get socialism good and hard, American left silent

Venezuela’s opposition renewed nationwide protests on Thursday to pressure the government of President Nicolás Maduro to hold elections and improve a collapsing economy, a day after three people were killed in similar demonstrations.

How can this be? That idiot Sean Penn said socialism was great and that we should model Venezuela. Where is that damned fool at now?

The opposition counters that Maduro, deeply unpopular as Venezuelans grapple with triple-digit inflation and shortages of food and basic consumer goods, is seeking to stay in power indefinitely by barring opposition leaders from office and quashing independent state institutions.

Ah, yes the fruits of socialism. Shortages and inflation. This is what our resident leftists want here.

Two students and a national guard sergeant were killed in Wednesday’s demonstrations, bringing the death toll in demonstrations this month to eight. The rights group Penal Forum said more than 500 people were arrested in relation to Wednesday’s protest and 334 remained in detention.

This must be the social democracy the left yammers on about.

But the sharp deterioration of the economy, which has put many foods and medicines out of the reach of the average citizen, and a more organized and united opposition coalition have injected fresh energy into the current protests.

This is what happens with socialism every damned time, and there are still socialists who don't believe this is always the outcome.
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