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Canadian Landlord forced to pay $12K to sharia tenants from hell

A Canadian human rights tribunal is forcing a Toronto-area landlord to pay $12,000 to a Muslim couple who rented a part of his home, the Toronto Sun reports. Their grievance? Landlord John Alabi didn’t take off his shoes when he showed the area to other prospective tenants.

Well, it is his house after all. If they didn't like it, they should have left. Though, when you get a kangaroo court involved.

Not only that, despite providing the duo with the mandatory 24-hour notices that the room would be viewed, he didn’t always come by with a five-minute warning that a visit was imminent and this sometimes prevented the Muslim wife from being appropriately attired for the visit.

Does it take that long to put a sack on?

The Ontario human rights tribunal — often referred to as a kangaroo court by conservative pundits — ordered Alabi to pay the fine this week, saying that by failing to remove his shoes, Alabi was failing to accommodate the couple’s Muslim faith that mandates prayer on the floor.

Again, his house, his rules. They should have been told to fuck off.

The tribunal also chastised the landlord because he “harassed them and created a poisoned housing environment.”

The harassment? He dared to speak in his own house after 10 P.M., Shoveled snow too loudly for their liking, and *gasp* posted a joke on facebook that was perceived to be anti-Islamic.

But what did the PC human rights inquisitor have to say?

The PC human rights “inquisitors” speak out. “There was absolutely no evidence that the applicants’ requests for additional notice and for the removal of shoes in this case were an attempt by them to impose their way of life on the respondent or anyone else,” vice chair Jo-Anne Pickel decided.

“When considered together, I find that the comment ‘welcome to Ontario, Canada,’ the making of loud pounding noises outside the applicants’ door shortly after making that comment, and (Alabi)’s refusal to remove his shoes when entering (their) prayer space amounted to harassment under the Code,” the human rights tribunal ruled.

In other words, the inquisition was going to demand payment for offending muslims

Alabi says the subject of shoes had never arisen and accused the couple of trying to prevent him from renting out the suite to someone else. He also got to the bottom of his grievance with the entire episode, saying the Muslim couple was trying to impose their religion on him and that “the fact that someone belongs to a religion does not permit them to inconvenience others.”

The leadership of the west has completely surrendered to muslims.

How much is Lefty willing to pay to get "free" health care?

Finley: Are we ready to pay for ‘free’ health care?

The real question isn’t whether we can have national health care, it’s whether Americans really want to pay for it.

National health care countries pay for the benefits through tax rates that would be considered unbearable by most Americans.

In the states with the highest social spending, tax rates are highest. France, for example, has an average real tax rate of 57.5 percent; Belgium 56.9 percent; Germany 52.3 percent; and Sweden 47 percent.

While the U.S. has pursued a policy of relieving the tax burden on lower-income workers —nearly half of wage earners pay no federal income tax — Europe’s middle class gets no such break.

Good article. As the author points out, what the left thinks is free will be anything but free.
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