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So now, you aren't allowed to have a statue if you "lost"

Okay, go tell people these statues have to come down.


Erasing history is dangerous and stupid.

Then again, I doubt leftists would have a clue who most of these people are.

So, when is the statue of Margaret Sanger coming down.

Extreme racist and responsible for the death of millions of black children.

Or is she sacrosanct because the left loves abortion?

Summoning the Demons

We’re rapidly approaching 1930s Weimar Germany all over again – two brands of social collectivist thuggary duking it out for control.

When the Left indulges in rhetoric that demonizes whites — especially white males — it summons the demons of white nationalism.

When the Left institutionalizes demonization of white males in college classes, in political movements, in the media and elsewhere, it summons the demons of white nationalism.

The hypocrisy has been apparent for some time. Just as there was outrage spun up at the idea of a “National Association for the Advancement of White People,” one cannot imagine our society tolerating a “White Congressional Causus” or “White Student Union.” The Left gleefully and openly looks forward to the day when the United States is a “majority minority” nation (meaning no one group has more than 50% of the population). Why can’t they understand their rhetoric makes many whites see that looming milestone less as a leveling of the playing field than as the day when a long-anticipated “payback” begins?
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