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Canadian Landlord forced to pay $12K to sharia tenants from hell

A Canadian human rights tribunal is forcing a Toronto-area landlord to pay $12,000 to a Muslim couple who rented a part of his home, the Toronto Sun reports. Their grievance? Landlord John Alabi didn’t take off his shoes when he showed the area to other prospective tenants.

Well, it is his house after all. If they didn't like it, they should have left. Though, when you get a kangaroo court involved.

Not only that, despite providing the duo with the mandatory 24-hour notices that the room would be viewed, he didn’t always come by with a five-minute warning that a visit was imminent and this sometimes prevented the Muslim wife from being appropriately attired for the visit.

Does it take that long to put a sack on?

The Ontario human rights tribunal — often referred to as a kangaroo court by conservative pundits — ordered Alabi to pay the fine this week, saying that by failing to remove his shoes, Alabi was failing to accommodate the couple’s Muslim faith that mandates prayer on the floor.

Again, his house, his rules. They should have been told to fuck off.

The tribunal also chastised the landlord because he “harassed them and created a poisoned housing environment.”

The harassment? He dared to speak in his own house after 10 P.M., Shoveled snow too loudly for their liking, and *gasp* posted a joke on facebook that was perceived to be anti-Islamic.

But what did the PC human rights inquisitor have to say?

The PC human rights “inquisitors” speak out. “There was absolutely no evidence that the applicants’ requests for additional notice and for the removal of shoes in this case were an attempt by them to impose their way of life on the respondent or anyone else,” vice chair Jo-Anne Pickel decided.

“When considered together, I find that the comment ‘welcome to Ontario, Canada,’ the making of loud pounding noises outside the applicants’ door shortly after making that comment, and (Alabi)’s refusal to remove his shoes when entering (their) prayer space amounted to harassment under the Code,” the human rights tribunal ruled.

In other words, the inquisition was going to demand payment for offending muslims

Alabi says the subject of shoes had never arisen and accused the couple of trying to prevent him from renting out the suite to someone else. He also got to the bottom of his grievance with the entire episode, saying the Muslim couple was trying to impose their religion on him and that “the fact that someone belongs to a religion does not permit them to inconvenience others.”

The leadership of the west has completely surrendered to muslims.

How much is Lefty willing to pay to get "free" health care?

Finley: Are we ready to pay for ‘free’ health care?

The real question isn’t whether we can have national health care, it’s whether Americans really want to pay for it.

National health care countries pay for the benefits through tax rates that would be considered unbearable by most Americans.

In the states with the highest social spending, tax rates are highest. France, for example, has an average real tax rate of 57.5 percent; Belgium 56.9 percent; Germany 52.3 percent; and Sweden 47 percent.

While the U.S. has pursued a policy of relieving the tax burden on lower-income workers —nearly half of wage earners pay no federal income tax — Europe’s middle class gets no such break.

Good article. As the author points out, what the left thinks is free will be anything but free.

Venezuelans get socialism good and hard, American left silent

Venezuela’s opposition renewed nationwide protests on Thursday to pressure the government of President Nicolás Maduro to hold elections and improve a collapsing economy, a day after three people were killed in similar demonstrations.

How can this be? That idiot Sean Penn said socialism was great and that we should model Venezuela. Where is that damned fool at now?

The opposition counters that Maduro, deeply unpopular as Venezuelans grapple with triple-digit inflation and shortages of food and basic consumer goods, is seeking to stay in power indefinitely by barring opposition leaders from office and quashing independent state institutions.

Ah, yes the fruits of socialism. Shortages and inflation. This is what our resident leftists want here.

Two students and a national guard sergeant were killed in Wednesday’s demonstrations, bringing the death toll in demonstrations this month to eight. The rights group Penal Forum said more than 500 people were arrested in relation to Wednesday’s protest and 334 remained in detention.

This must be the social democracy the left yammers on about.

But the sharp deterioration of the economy, which has put many foods and medicines out of the reach of the average citizen, and a more organized and united opposition coalition have injected fresh energy into the current protests.

This is what happens with socialism every damned time, and there are still socialists who don't believe this is always the outcome.

The Social Justice Warrior Anthem

How Deep Is Your Rug

This is a parody of the Bee Gees Song "How Deep Is Your Love?" misheard lyrics....

Arizona House of Representatives bans newspapers.

The Arizona House of Representatives passed a passed a bill making it a felony to publish or edit a newspaper within the boundaries of the territory. Penalty for violation was set at 10 to 20 years in the penitentiary.

St. John's Herald takes legislation very seriously.

Countries where socialism doesn't work.

The Exhaustion of Americanism Liberalism by Shelby Steele

Now, this is frustrating, because I read the entire article on my phone earlier on the WSJ site, which I can't do now, but I will link to the site and post the best of a very well written article.

The recent flurry of marches, demonstrations and even riots, along with the Democratic Party’s spiteful reaction to the Trump presidency, exposes what modern liberalism has become: a politics shrouded in pathos. Unlike the civil-rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s, when protesters wore their Sunday best and carried themselves with heroic dignity, today’s liberal marches are marked by incoherence and downright lunacy—hats designed to evoke sexual organs, poems that scream in anger yet have no point to make, and an hysterical anti-Americanism.

Today’s liberalism is an anachronism. It has no understanding, really, of what poverty is and how it has to be overcome. It has no grip whatever on what American exceptionalism is and what it means at home and especially abroad. Instead it remains defined by an America of 1965—an America newly opening itself to its sins, an America of genuine goodwill, yet lacking in self-knowledge.

This liberalism came into being not as an ideology but as an identity. It offered Americans moral esteem against the specter of American shame. This made for a liberalism devoted to the idea of American shamefulness. Without an ugly America to loathe, there is no automatic esteem to receive. Thus liberalism’s unrelenting current of anti-Americanism.

Let’s stipulate that, given our history, this liberalism is understandable. But American liberalism never acknowledged that it was about white esteem rather than minority accomplishment. Four thousand shootings in Chicago last year, and the mayor announces that his will be a sanctuary city. This is moral esteem over reality; the self-congratulation of idealism.

American Liberalism, white guilt, allowed an unknown and untested black man to ascend to the white house. Eight years later it could no longer do so for a white woman. Hopefully, we are reaching the loud screeching end of an era when the mere claim of liberalism grants some sort of false moral authority that must be regarded.

What they won't tell you about the day without a woman.

The absolute truth being laid down about "A Day Without a Woman".

I expect many fingers to be jammed in the ear as rich leftist feminists will refuse to hear.

McCain upset that Trump threatens the NWO

The worst part of the recent election is that McCain and his girlfriend Lindsey once again have far too much power in DC. McCain doesn't care about the average American and has lived a life completely separate from the concerns of average Americans. While I respect the military pilot, I loathe the senator who sees himself as some sort of deal broker but in fact supports every lousy trade deal he sees and supports unlimited and unchecked immigration.

His fear isn't that Trump will stop the West, his fear is that the people of the West, in America as well as Europe have had it with the activities of him and his elitist friends that do nothing but undermine the security and prosperity of the average citizen.

Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, delivered the following remarks today at the 2017 Munich Security Conference:

“Thank you, Ian, for that kind introduction. Let me also thank the German government and people, as always, for their warm and gracious welcome.

“Not every American understands the absolutely vital role that Germany and its honorable Chancellor, Chancellor Merkel, are playing in defense of the idea and the conscience of the West. But for all of us who do, let me say thank you.

“My friends: In the four decades I have attended this conference, I cannot recall a year where its purpose was more necessary or more important.

“The next panel asks us to consider whether the West will survive. In recent years, this question would invite accusations of hyperbole and alarmism. Not this year. If ever there were a time to treat this question with a deadly seriousness, it is now.

“This question was real, half a century ago, for Ewald von Kleist and the founders of this conference. Indeed, it is why they first started coming to Munich. They did not assume the West would survive, because they had seen its near annihilation. They saw open markets give way to beggar-thy-neighbor protectionism, and the poverty that imposed. They saw a world order fracture into clashing ethnic and nationalist passions, and the misery that wrought. They saw the rise of hostile great powers, and the failure of deterrence, and the wars that followed.

“From the ashes of the most awful calamity in human history was born what we call the West—a new, and different, and better kind of world order ... one based not on blood-and-soil nationalism, or spheres of influence, or conquest of the weak by the strong, but rather on universal values, rule of law, open commerce, and respect for national sovereignty and independence. Indeed, the entire idea of the West is that it open to any person or any nation that honors and upholds these values.

“The unprecedented period of security and prosperity that we have enjoyed for the past seven decades did not happen by accident. It happened not only because of the appeal of our values, but because we backed them with our power and persevered in their defense. Our predecessors did not believe in the end of history—or that it bends, inevitably, toward justice. That is up to us. That requires our persistent, painstaking effort. And that is why we come to Munich, year after year after year.

“What would von Kleist’s generation say if they saw our world today? I fear that much about it would be all-too-familiar to them, and they would be alarmed by it.

“They would be alarmed by an increasing turn away from universal values and toward old ties of blood, and race, and sectarianism.

“They would be alarmed by the hardening resentment we see toward immigrants, and refugees, and minority groups, especially Muslims.

“They would be alarmed by the growing inability, and even unwillingness, to separate truth from lies.

“They would be alarmed that more and more of our fellow citizens seem to be flirting with authoritarianism and romanticizing it as our moral equivalent.

“But what would alarm them most, I think, is a sense that many of our peoples, including in my own country, are giving up on the West ... that they see it as a bad deal that we may be better off without ... and that while Western nations still have the power to maintain our world order, it is unclear whether we have the will.

“All of us must accept our share of the blame for this turn of events. We grew complacent. We made mistakes. At times we tried to do too much, and at others we failed to do enough. We lost touch with many of our people. We have been too slow to recognize and respond to their hardships. We need to face up to these realities, but this does not mean losing hope and retreating. That we must not do.

“I know there is profound concern across Europe and the world that America is laying down the mantle of global leadership. I can only speak for myself, but I do not believe that is the message you will hear from all of the American leaders who cared enough to travel here to Munich this weekend. That is not the message you heard today from Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. That is not the message you will hear from Vice President Mike Pence. That is not the message you will hear from Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly. And that is certainly not the message you will hear tomorrow from our bipartisan congressional delegation.

“Make no mistake, my friends: These are dangerous times, but you should not count America out, and we should not count each other out. We must be prudent, but we cannot wring our hands and wallow in self-doubt. We must appreciate the limits of our power, but we cannot allow ourselves to question the rightness and goodness of the West. We must understand and learn from our mistakes, but we cannot be paralyzed by fear. We cannot give up on ourselves and on each other. That is the definition of decadence. And that is how world orders really do decline and fall.

“This is exactly what our adversaries want. This is their goal. They have no meaningful allies, so they seek to sow dissent among us and divide us from each other. They know that their power and influence are inferior to ours, so they seek to subvert us, and erode our resolve to resist, and terrorize us into passivity. They know they have little to offer the world beyond selfishness and fear, so they seek to undermine our confidence in ourselves and our belief in our own values.

“We must take our own side in this fight. We must be vigilant. We must persevere. And through it all, we must never, never cease to believe in the moral superiority of our own values—that we stand for truth against falsehood, freedom against tyranny, right against injustice, hope against despair … and that even though we will inevitably take losses and suffer setbacks, through it all, so long as people of goodwill and courage refuse to lose faith in the West, it will endure.

“That is why we come to Munich, year in and year out—to revitalize our common moral purpose, our belief that our values are worth the fighting for. Because in the final analysis, the survival of the West is not just a material struggle; it is now, and has always been, a moral struggle. Now more than ever, we must not forget this.

“During one of the darkest years of the early Cold War, William Faulkner delivered a short speech in Stockholm upon receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature. ‘I decline to accept the end of man,’ Faulkner said. ‘I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance.’

“Even now, when the temptation to despair is greatest, I refuse to accept the end of the West. I refuse to accept the demise of our world order. I refuse to accept that our greatest triumphs cannot once again spring from our moments of greatest peril, as they have so many times before. I refuse to accept that our values are morally equivalent to those of our adversaries. I am a proud, unapologetic believer in the West, and I believe we must always, always stand up for it—for if we do not, who will?”
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