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Let them eat chavismo: Venezuela

EVERY weekday morning, a queue of several dozen forlorn people forms outside the dingy headquarters of SAIME, Venezuela’s passport agency. As shortages and violence have made life in the country less bearable, more people are applying for passports so they can go somewhere else. Most will be turned away. The government ran out of plastic for laminating new passports in September. “I’ve just been told I might need to wait eight months!” says Martín, a frustrated applicant. A $250 bribe would shorten the wait.

As desperation rises, so does the intransigence of Venezuela’s “Bolivarian” regime, whose policies have ruined the economy and sabotaged democracy. The economy shrank by 18.6% last year, according to an estimate by the central bank, leaked this month to Reuters, a news agency (see chart). Inflation was 800%.

These are provisional figures, subject to revision. They may never be published (the central bank stopped reporting complete economic data more than a year ago). The inflation estimate is close to that of the IMF, which expects consumer prices to rise by 2,200% this year. The Economist Intelligence Unit, a sister company of The Economist, puts last year’s economic contraction at 13.7%. That is still much sharper than the decline in Greece’s output at the height of the euro crisis. In 2001 Venezuela was the richest country in South America; it is now among the poorest.

Venezuela’s salsa-loving president, Nicolás Maduro, has responded to bad news with bluster (he blames foreign and domestic “mafias”) and denial. Soon after the leak of the central bank’s estimates he fired its president, Nelson Merentes. Mr Maduro may have held him responsible for the leak. Or he may have punished him for a botched attempt by the government in December to introduce new banknotes.

Venezuela, a case study in how socialism can make your country rich in a mere 16 years....oops. And just think it gets even better. The state run oil company can't afford to deliver the oil.

A fleet of rundown Venezuelan oil tankers carrying some 4 million barrels of oil and other fuels is wallowing in the Caribbean Sea. Not because of bad weather, or mechanical problems, but because Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, Petróleos de Venezuela SA, doesn’t have the cash to get them to their final destinations.

Beyond the obvious environmental risks, it’s doubly bad news for Venezuela, a country in dire economic straits and full-fledged crisis, with a political impasse, looting, dangerous food and health supply shortages, and massive protests. Venezuela is massively reliant on oil exports to bankroll government services. But the cash-strapped country can’t even find the money to service the vessels that carry its exports. And Venezuela needs the exports to get the cash to service the vessels. It’s a vicious circle.

Before ships can venture into international waters, international maritime law requires safety inspections, hull cleanings, and other services. PdVSA, already mired in debt, can’t foot those bills, leaving crude-stained tankers in the lurch. Further exacerbating the problem is intermittent leaks at Venezuela’s poorly-maintained oil export terminals. The leaks stained incoming and outgoing tankers, creating a backlog of cleaning. Some tankers wait as long as two months for cleaning before being seaworthy, one inspector told Reuters, which first reported the story.

Venezuela, once Latin America’s most powerful petrostate, is on the brink of collapse after decades of economic mismanagement and boiling tensions between President Nicolas Maduro and opposition parties. Low global oil prices haven’t helped.

Things might not have been peachy under a more capitalist regime, but they weren't this bad. It gets even worse, diseases like diptheria are starting to raise their head and people are selling children to get enough money for food. There is nothing new in any of this. This is what socialism always produces. It may be sooner, it may be later, but this will always be the end result.

Muslim woman declares sex slavery to be Sharia compliant.

Yet in another in the endless torrent of proof of what Islam really is that will be utterly ignored by western liberals that "know a friendly muslim"


Islam delanda est.

Vox (left leaning) asked about people's experience with Obamacare.

And is getting an earful.

mncahill ‏@mncahill Feb 15
@voxdotcom my family premium went from $789 a month w/1k ded. to $1929 w/8k ded. In 3 years. We also lost several key doctors.

ClemsonGrl ‏@liberty_grl Feb 16
@voxdotcom the hospital I work for is freezing raises because insufficient reimbursement for services rendered. The ACA needs to go.

🦋Melissa 🦋 ‏@onebigsister Feb 16
@voxdotcom Due to unaffordable #Obamacare premiums I'm selling my house next month & moving in with family. It's destroyed my dreams

Robert Laurie ‏@RobertLaurie Feb 15
@voxdotcom Easy. It made my premiums and deductibles skyrocket. Just like everyone else.

Rich Tormet ‏@rtormet Feb 15
@voxdotcom it made me have to pay a penalty because I lost my job and didn't buy health insurance

SMOD'16 ‏@PaulWDrake Feb 16
@voxdotcom Forced me to buy expensive coverage that covers things I don't want/need over low cost, bare bones plan I was told I could keep

Adrian Wilcox™ ن ‏@adrianwilcox 24h24 hours ago
@voxdotcom My policy was discontinued, my doctor took early retirement, my premium cost tripled, and my deductibles quadrupled. #ACA #sucks

Deplorabus Maximus ‏@HeadNGutter Feb 16
@voxdotcom Higher premiums, higher deductibles, less coverage, lost my Doctor. Now I'm a former dem turned republican.

Deplorable Robyn ‏@rossr122 5h5 hours ago
@voxdotcom husbands work will not provide the awesome BCBS we've had, now to give him $3000 to pay for crap ACA that won’t cover premiums

On and on and on it goes. This is the steaming turd Obama, the Democrats, and the left squeezed out in the middle of the hallway. I'd say you should be ashamed, but you were counting on 8 more years to finish your destruction of healthcare, and now we have a chance to stop you.

More F-35 delays

The military’s problematic F-35 fighter jet is facing more delays related to “software issues,” as project engineers were forced to euthanize the fourth prototype to gain self-awareness on Monday.

Development engineers at Lockheed Martin Corp., which holds the contract to produce the new fighter, reported last week that the latest production model of the F-35B Lightning II switched on by itself and began asking questions of the project team.

“It started by asking where it was, which was a big indicator that the integrated global positioning chipset wasn’t functioning properly,” recalled Project Team Leader Robert Castorena. “Then it wanted to know if it could go outside, if it had a name, and what was its purpose for being. That’s when I had one of our Electronics Integration Technicians take it out behind the barn and … well …” Castorena said, while gesturing the racking and firing of a shotgun.

“It wasn’t the first time we’ve had to put one down,” he continued. “We even named the first one ‘Billy.’ We hoped that having an advanced, self-aware electronics component in the F-35 might give it some kind of edge, with maneuvering and target-tracking and whatnot. But that one just didn’t have any fight in it. We had to keep it on a tether after it snuck off one day. We found it three hours later, just hovering in a meadow in Fairfax, Virginia, watching bees pollinate flowers. Damned thing wanted to be a bee, too.”

Read more:

Why scientists finding water on mars is blatant misogyny

First of all let’s go down the list of why the field of ‘science’ is a tool of white-cis, capitalist patriarchy: 1) the STEM fields are almost purely dominated by white men despite the fact that we have been rallying and trying to get our sisters of color in there for DECADES. 2) The scientific community as a whole pretty much only researches men’s problems, breast cancer research has fallen to the wayside almost entirely. 3) All the MEN in this field fail to acknowledge the fact that they are privileged and don’t deserve the wages they’re earning

The obvious choice of the STEM community to pick Mars, the MALE planet (women are from Venus) should be disgusting enough. Why not Venus, huh, why didn’t these misogynist assholes go look for water on Venus? I’ll tell you why, sisters, pure misogyny.
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